Given up on this game

So im not new to Halo. Just new to Halo 5. This game community has completely turned me off from a great game though. I haven’t played Halo for awhile now and thought id get back into it. Since its been so long im extremely rusty. Pretty bad kdr, very fast paced for me, and since ive pc gamed in the time i haven’t played Halo and cant aim for crap with controller. Especially in this competitive high speed environment. Anyways, the few games ive played have been miserable. Every ranked game I go into theres insane players on the other team just destroying my team. My teammates have been berating me and calling me names over the mic, calling me trash,garbage etc and its really pushing me away. Even in social it seems like everyone is just so overly competitive and derogatory. Half my games people quit and I just sit there and get slaughtered. My last game my whole team quit on me and I had to spend 5 minutes getting slaughtered and tbagged by the enemy team. At this point I dont think I can even become decent at Halo 5. Everyone is just so competitive I dont even stand a chance. Im like a cow walking into a slaughterhouse and the community of people playing arent helping. I dont even know if its worth it to continue playing. I know its been awhile since I played Halo but damn the people ive been playing with have been so inconsiderate and rude. Its a real turnoff to new players. I had a easier time going into Counter Strike than Halo 5. Im at a loss on whether I should continue playing. Has anyone else gone through this?

If this is happening to you wait till you play enough warzone to experience it. Warzone is the sole playlist for farming and destroying people. I’ve been playing 5 since release so I have A D A P T E D and gotten used to all this. Halo 5 really does turn people away from it though. The game doesn’t invite anyone but competitive players. Which is why I can see everyone wanting sprint to go away.
You had an easier time going into CSGO than Halo 5? Damn I’ve never had that happen lol

First off, I’m sorry your return to Halo has been so tough. But unfortunately, Halo 5 is cut throat… you either keep up with the pace or you don’t.

As for the t-bagging and trash talk, those guys are idiots and lack any form of real respect. And your angry team mates most likely didn’t know you were new, or they didn’t care, either way encouragement always works better then scolding. But remember they are angry, and since they obviously can’t take it out on the enemy, they blame the weakest links on the team. Somehow this makes everything alright for them, even though at the end of their insults and temper tantrums, they still don’t have a victory.

The trick is to learn or adapt to Halo 5, finding other players to play with frequently will speed this process up significantly. But also remember, it doesn’t matter how good or bad you are… as long as there are mics plugged in and a crouch button, there will always be trash talk and t-bagging. So prepare for that as well. You can chime in and let your side of the story be heard(doesn’t work out most of the time) or simply use the mute player/team option.

Hopefully things will get better for you, just don’t give up!

Yeah I feel bad for players joining H5 this late in it’s life. You are going to be slaughtered quite often. Try heroic warzone firefight till you get used to the controls and aiming maybe a bit of FFA. Then get into the team stuff.

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> Everyone is just so competitive I dont even stand a chance.

This statement is not true. Why? Because I play Halo 5 and I’m not “competitive” at all.

What I’m getting at is that you’re equating Halo 5 with only certain aspects of it. You say Halo 5 is a “competitive, high-speed environment”, but not all of it is. My guess is that you’ve only tried the basic slayer game modes, and ran into more than your fair share of quitters and obnoxious -Yoinks!-, even in social. And that honestly does sound awful. I have very little respect for anyone who takes a video game seriously enough to call their teammates trash over mic. If you run into that kind of thing, try not to let it get to you. Just report them and hope they grow up someday.

But even without that, and if everyone who played Halo 5 was a respectful and decent person, some game modes are still very fast-paced and take a lot of getting used to. I don’t know much about ranked, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it generally is the kind of game mode where you’ll get slaughtered by fully coordinated teams if you’re new and especially if you don’t know the maps very well.

So back to my main point: not all of Halo 5 is like that. Personally, I don’t find ranked or social slayer fun in Halo at all. This is just the way I choose to do things, and it might not work for you, but I still play Halo 5 all the time because I stick to the game modes where it actually is relaxed and casual (i.e. Warzone Firefight and Action Sack). I felt like I should point out the fact that it’s not accurate to say things like “everyone and everything in Halo 5 is competitive and sweaty”, which is the reason why I’m making this post.

Now if you want to play 4v4 slayer, and non-standard things like Action Sack and Warzone Firefight don’t appeal to you, then I’m probably not being very helpful to you. I’m aware that many people find enjoyment in ranking up their CSR and using battle rifles on tiny maps. But that’s just not my thing, so the only suggestion I can make that might help you find some fun in Halo 5 is to give Warzone Firefight a chance. Casual and competitive Halo are like two different worlds, and it’s best to remember that not all of Halo is competitive (even if all of slayer happens to be competitive, even in social). That’s the main point I’m trying to make.

Also, please use paragraphs if you have a lot to type.

I uninstalled it because it just took up to much space! I would only ever really want it because I still have friends that play it.

Sorry to hear this, but I do agree. My guess is the user base is much more focused now as opposed to when H5 launched – probably many more general players back then. Now, it’s mostly those who play the game quite often. Farming is a really sad scourge in halo, and I think it only gets worse the older H5 gets because more and more players lose interest after having experiences similar to yours.

Not sure how, but I do wish 343 would focus on how to improve the social experience of multiplayer. I know the industry is generally hands off when it comes to looking at this stuff, but one of the defining features of halo multiplayer originally was a relatively fun social aspect. That seems to have diminished.

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TBH, I’m way too lazy to read your whole “essay” (paragraph), can you just tell us the important details? Please.

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Basically, it seems that the OP had a bunch of bad experiences in Halo 5. They’ve had the misfortune of having their whole team quit entirely, encountering unfair matchups, and having to deal with rude people really.

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If you can’t be bothered to read the original post, do you really care enough to participate in the conversation?

To the OP: Halo 5 is almost 2 years old. At this point in the games life, most of the players still playing are very experienced. It’s the nature of games that populations dwindle with age, and most that stick around are the super dedicated ones. Unfortunately, this can make it tough for new players to get accustomed to the multiplayer. Of course, this is no excuse for verbal berating, and if you experienced any verbal abuse over the Xbox Live service, you should use the Xbox Live report functions to report them appropriately. As for learning the ropes with Halo 5, aside from the Campaign, there are Custom Games which offer a fun, social experience that is removed from the competitive scene. Warzone Firefight, as others have said, also provides you a non-competitive, cooperative experience that gives you a chance to learn how Halo 5 plays. And finally, forming parties beforehand using your friend’s list, an LFG service, or even Waypoint’s Recruiting subforum, gives you more control over who you interact with in the game, as well as offering you more coordination to achieve victory. Consider forming parties in the future to help avoid getting hate messages in the future. Or, you can mute random players you find in matchmaking; no one says you have to listen to that crap.

@captaindankstar sorry to hear about your rough return to halo.
If you have any questions about tips, tricks, strats, the req system, warzone, basically anything halo 5 related post it here on waypoint. There are lots of us who would be happy to help.

After a long break from the game I have seem to returned to excellent shooters which I know is due to the fact that most of the people left playing are dedicated Spartans. I mean I’ve always felt I wasn’t up to par with some of these cats br shots but now I just go the opposite way and try for a flank, it’s not worth the punishment. I can’t seem to hit a bull in the -Yoink-. My advice stick to a close range weapon and position yourself as such. I don’t mean camp but move around the map paying attention to your radar and stick to the walls.
Most importantly though I never play without at least one other teammate and I don’t mean random. I mean a real friend that even when I -Yoink- the bed it’s all laughs.

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> I uninstalled it because it just took up to much space! I would only ever really want it because I still have friends that play it.

Now that you mention that it takes up more space than MCC… and MCC includes five Halo games.

I’m confused as to why people are just now noticing this in Halo in general, people play to win that’s how it’s always been, I remember getting on Halo 2 and having games where I and my team were completely steam rolled and I remember doing the same to others, but at the same time this generation of gamers are infatuated with E-sports cringes so it seems more prevalent, you shouldn’t let something the game has zero control over such as try hards determined whether or not you like the game, that is like playing a campaign with a speed runner that ends the missions to fast for you to enjoy so you blame the campaign and story.

I’m in no way defending Halo 5 nor am I blasting CE-3 seeing as Halo 2 was the greatest online experience I have had in Halo yet, I am merely pointing something’s out.

> 2533274930795040;1:
> Im at a loss on whether I should continue playing. Has anyone else gone through this?

Five months ago. That was the last time I played Halo 5.

I quit halo every week

If you want to add me to your friends list and send me a message I’d be down to team up with you and mess around in some customs so you can get more comfortable and get the hang of it. Its a great game and you shouldnt quit just because you kind of suck right now. Im not some great wise master but im halfway decent and stay in the high gold area of ranked playlists.

Playing against people better than you and more competitive than you, in the long run, really will make you a better player as long as you stick with it. Just block out all the BM and immature kids, and just focus on getting better. Halo 5 really is a grind to perfect your shot, movement, placement, timing, etc.

My recommendation is to go through the campaign on Legendary and then play a non-team based playlist like FFA to hone your individual skill. Before you know it, you’ll be better off.

A lot of people hate how competitive it is myself included. I can understand there are sweaty players in certain playlists like team area and such but in gametypes like warzone which 85% of the time is full of farmers it’s gets really a little ridiculous and is why I been playing a lot more Mcc as of late. If you want to play halo 5 for fun I suggest playing some infection, action sack, btb or check out the customs browser.