Given the Importance of the Franchise

If you are to ask anyone including those that don’t even care if Halo was an important IP in terms of how much profit can be leveraged from making a good product from it, almost everyone would say it was a very important part of Microsoft

So why exactly isn’t MS throwing everything at Infinite. They’re not short of money especially when it is crucially needed to bring back one of if not the most important franchise potentially on xbox from it’s currently dire state

I feels like they’re deliberately throwing it under the bus and while I get that this and everything else has contributed to it’s state etc, this isn’t just any old game so why have they essentially abandoned it other than to say it’s not where they’d like to be. It really does seem like they’d rather the thing didn’t exist so they could simply move onto what they feel is a franchise better suited to these times. Who knows but what other explanation is there because clearly MS isn’t doing very much considering it’s colossal might and wealth. Did they not just spend 70 billion on acquiring Bethesda for example so can they surely not manage to pump some more of that into ensuring better things for Infinite?

The franchise is hugely important so how is it that they’re not seemingly fussed to such an extreme level? how is this a thing at all when it’s clear MS could be throwing a lot more recourses at it

The only thing I can think of is they really don’t want it around anymore

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They did just buy 2 AAA studios.
Good backup in case Infinite turned out like this.
Im worried they will ruin those studios now too.

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hmm there’s certainly no guarantee it seems

Perhaps another angle is maybe they see Halo as being just too male dominated and that goes against the whole inclusion thing. I mean it is what is with Halo so yeah mostly male players. Fortnight for example is much more what I think they’d like because that prints money obviously but then it’s seemingly a franchise that brings in the girls too I would have thought. Certainly this does seem to be high on the list of things for MS but then if it’s at the expense of Halo, damn if that ever got out then that would make for some very p!ssed fans

Just a theory of course but I reckon it might be especially if you factor in those cat ears lol