Give us the higher difficulty bots!

I’m sorry but when a team mate leaves and it gives us a bot they are borderline useless (especially on slayer) you’ve introduced 4 difficulties of bot, and while i even acknowledge that a “spartan” bot might be unfair in some cases; with their insane turn speed, and crazy aim with an AR from across map, there’s absolutely no reason to not change it to ODST. Wasn’t that the whole other benefit of a bot to join the team?

ODST and Spartan level bots have aimbot and wall hacks.

While you are talking about casual games, this would still ruin it. Marine level bots do not have wall hacks or aim bot.

I’m not being hyperbolic, they are literally programmed to see through walls and have aim bot

Then maybe some adjustments would have to be made or even limited to one bot able to join. Since you’ll still be able to have a fair 1v1 with one.

Idk just the normal ones absolutely suck, and feed the other team. They can ruin certain “win this type of match” challenges aswell sadly

I have witnessed a player leaving during CTF and the 343 bot that took their place was at 0 kills for the rest of the game. Doesn’t surprise me though, that is pretty much exactly how I imagine a 343 employee to play.

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The ”Marine” rank bots are just free kills for the opponents and serve the opposite purpose to what they should.
ODST or Spartan would be more reasonable. Maybe ODST because of the various skill levels in social.