Give us swaps if we have maxed Battlepass!

Would be nice to get 1 challenge swap per Weekly completed if maxed battle pass. I have been maxed since like a month after launch.


I think in general people should get some per week. But yeah, definitely for people who’ve done the battle pass. Feels bad having no way to get anymore.


Just pay lmfao… You should get them for every weekly completed anyway


I do think you should have some kind of ongoing achievable reward for ‘levelling’ after completing the battle pass, either challenge swaps or (when they launch it) earnable in-game currency.


You can get them anytime you want them. That will be $2 please.

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If the Battle Pass is the only progression model then yes, there absolutely needs to be something to encourage further play of XP rewards, because a… * checks notes * flag background ain’t gonna cut it. Weekly quests are all about user retention and, more cynically, data gathering and you can’t do that if people decide to play another game and level up their Battle Pass or whatever in that game instead. I kept playing CoD: Vanguard long after I’d maxed out my Battle Pass because of the Prestige system, among other reasons, but namely because I saw it as a challenge to get that to lv.250 or wherever.

This of course begs the question of why challenge swaps are even monetised or in the Battle Pass? Why can’t I change at least one Weekly once per 24 hours like, err, most games with weekly/daily quests? The amount of things sold at a premium or locked away in the pass would be astonishing if it weren’t so pathetic.

So, ranting aside, constructive mode. 343 Industries, I would suggest the following:

  1. As others have said, provide them as a reward for performing certain tasks. As XP becomes useless at the 100th Tier, there’s no sense in awarding it any more unless it carries over (fat chance of that), so you might as well provide something that will be useful for those still going for Weekly challenges.
  2. Give a single challenge swap once every 24 hours.

Would be better if it was 100 credits every 2000 XP


Agree with the OP here. There should be some way to earn swaps once you’ve leveled up the Battle Pass, particularly when events come around.