give us split-screen

I have no knowledge of anything that says whether or not halo 4 will have local split screen multiplayer or not. But I am saying that it’s gotta be there. split screen and forging for split screen is the only reason that i play halo at all, there are people at my house every day gaming it up on halo and if halo 4 doesn’t have it there will be no reason for me to get it. i know that all the so-called “hardcore” gamers don’t think it is worth it b/c the graphics suffer and you can just play online with each other and of a much higher quality game. But not all of us have the luxury of having 40 plus friends who have all got there own paid for xbox live and xbox’s and halo’s. I’ve got it and I supply the gaming experience for a large community. pizza parties and halo aren’t dead, they happen more then once a week every week at my house. and i know of others like myself who feel the same way, halo has always supported split screen and people like me who have been having these pizza parties is what started and carried halo to the point that it is at today from halo ce all the way through to reach. It would be a shame for it to end now with 343 industries.

As you can see in this link ( the page says Players 1-4 which refers to that many players on a single Xbox. It also lists 2-16 for Xbox LIVE. So don’t worry, splitscreen will be in Halo 4.

thank-you good sir, you have eased my mind

Yeah, I’d glady sacrifice graphics for splitscreen that doesn’t falter.