Give us FINALLY a ranked slayer list…

21 games today… 13 oddball, not a single slayer game. FFS, give us THE iconic playlist already.

What is so hard to do what EVERY Halo did?


Give its own ranked playlist and remove it from objective. Instantly becomes a much more enjoyable experience for the players looking to get what they’re after and not have to sit through slayer when it’s their least favorite, or objective when it’s their least favorite.


There is definitely a time in the day I want to do ranked slayer… this would be great! And usually at night if I’ve played a lot I need objective mode. So it would be great to filter the two.

Like it used to be. It worked, nobody complaint. It’s the same crap they pulled with Team Snipers…

It looks like it’s taken out of the rotation entirely.

25 games, 15 oddball, no slayer…


Yea I don’t get it…everyone scratching their heads like…how hard would it be? Why change what’s been a staple for so dang long right? I don’t get it.


I just don’t think the UI they’re using can handle simple changes without breaking the game. All the tape and glue that’s desperately trying to hold it together just can’t do it. Why else would something so simple take so long to be fixed? Look how long it took to get a dedicated social slayer playlist. All the devs have been pulled to work on co-op, no one is working on anything else.

Think about that for a second… it’s taking every man and woman on the dev team to push out a BETA on time for US to troubleshoot FOR THEM!

Nothing is getting fixed or changed any time soon.

In season 2 I haven’t played even one ranked game, I refuse to play it as for some reason this basic request having a dedicated ranked slayer is not getting through to 343. Most of my fireteam are complaining about the same thing. Have ranked playlist and have your social playlist to keep everyone happy by giving basic choice to all.

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100% I want Ranked Slayer in this game ASAP. I’m blown away that Halo 5 (2015) is able to do this, but Halo Infinite (2021) is unable to do so. It makes more sense if it was the other way around! :joy:


It seems they are basically using the Ranked playlist to test HCS settings at a large scale. For a while, the only difference between the two (ranked and HCS) was the fact that Behemoth was in Ranked but not in HCS. Once they removed Behemoth, the two became one and the same. We also got KOTH in Ranked before it was used in HCS tournaments, probably to test the settings and make sure everything was good and balanced before rolling it out in an environment where people’s money and livelihoods are at stake.

I was once a Ranked Slayer only kind of guy, but with 1st Infinite flight I came to enjoy the objective modes. Now having played these mixed games for a year, I actually tend to enjoy the objective games more than Slayer, but I also find the Slayer games to be a nice forced break from objective.

I do think they need to make a Ranked Slayer playlist, as that is quite simply the most basic Ranked playlist that is literally in almost every single FPS that has a ranked mode. The problem in doing so is, that you will instantly split the population, and they know this. The Ranked Arena playlists are already struggling for population at times, depending on your geographic location. Split slayer off into its own playlist, and the existing Ranked Arena playlists would likely die. Halo 3 was able to do this, having the Ranked MLG playlist, for those who wanted to play pro settings, but also having other Ranked modes for those who didn’t like the pro settings. They were able to do this because of its massive population. I’m afraid H:I just doesn’t have the population to split into that many different playlists, and I’m sure the devs know this too, hence no Ranked Slayer at the moment.

At the end of the day, I think they should just give the people what they want, and let the chips fall as they may. Combine the Solo/Duo and Crossplay playlists into one Ranked HCS playlist, and then have a Ranked Slayer playlist alongside it. If the HCS playlist dies off, you know what the players want. Then you can delete the HCS playlist and open Ranked Objective, Ranked Doubles, Ranked Snipers, etc to try and balance out the player field a bit. If both playlists survive, they can slowly add in the other Ranked playlists to see what sticks.


Same here, its been on my friends wish list since day 1.
But why should 343 care.
I think a lot of players would come back if they add a ranked team slayer.
This is what my friends are waiting for.
A ranked team slayer and a social team slayer is what we always used to play.
Sometimes you just want to go social and sometimes you want ranked.

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I think there should be 2 ranked playlists. Slayer and objectives only playlist. This way everyone can chose his prefered gamemode.

  • I think it’s important to remember the population. I agree it would be so great to have all these extra playlists competitive/social/party. Heck, I would love to have Infection and Griffball but honestly, it wouldn’t work anymore along as the player base is down. We saw this in H5 where we had a decent player base and so many playlists. This increased queuing times and you were playing against the same players every match. It wasn’t the most enjoyable experience. I think we do need more content but honestly, it’s smart to take these playlists with single-game modes in them and combine them into 1 playlist with 3-4 game modes condensing the player base and decreasing queue times. No one wants to wait 5+ min to get a game.

Problem with the current system means that you’re not rewarded for capturing 3x flags in ranked - not anymore than your teammates are.

That guy who spent the game going +30 though…he gets a massive MMR boost despite not being anywhere near a flag.

The ranking system is a farce man. Objective gametypes should only be scored on relevant points - kd is not one of them.

What’s funny though is that the closest playlist you would get to providing you with a true rank would be ranked solo FFA.


Certain stats need a boost in mattering more, and some stats should be tracked for like carrier distance, carrier assists, etc.

Kd obviously does matter though. If you went super negative…well…that time out of game per respawn adds up and equates to a player basically being benched for X amount of minutes even.

It’s not to say play scared and so passive the player doesn’t engage at all but…we can’t just simply say KD doesn’t matter. Your deaths matter a lot if they’re just piling up of course. Probably not the point you were trying to make but…worth the clarification imo.

Players map presence depicts a lot of the games natural unfolding. There is no map presence if someone is repeatedly dying (bad unnecessary deaths by bad decisons) leaving an opening, or pushing so far up messing up the spawns for the flag pull, or access to pathways for hill, stronghold etc.

It would definitely be nice for carrier, zone time, ball time, etc to matter. It can’t become the statistical criteria that would turn a 4v4 into a 3v4 of course, but I’m sure ironing out the balance of the weightings is something that can be reasonably done.

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Why doesn’t this game have clear social / ranked playlists like every other Halo is beyond me. How the heck is there only one stupid ranked playlist?!?! I had 30 plus friends that consistently played Halo either MCC, Halo 5 whatever and literally every single one saved two has stopped playing Halo Infinite the main reason being there’s no ranked team slayer playlist. I myself have been a fan since CE and have been playing since then and I have barely played this game due to the same reason.

Ranked team Slayer has literally been the top three most popular playlist and every single Halo game! The fact that it’s not in right now is a joke and it’s costing them players!

If their UI can’t do it then their UI is total garbage and should be dismantled and redone.

Very disappointing


This is why my friends stopped playing also. If they can add Team sniper they can add ranked team slayer. But they dont listen to what the fans want to play.

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The population is down because they aren’t bringing in the playlists people expect. It’s a vicious cycle of not adding/removing content to force the remaining players into a few playlists. Eventually, they’ll just leave.
If I didn’t have people I play with on a schedule, I wouldn’t play at all until they put in a playlist I can enjoy.


I have stopped playing halo infinite for over a week now, its very disappointing that 343i is really not listening to this simple request that will increase playerbase. I truly love halo games and i hope someone will pick up on this little thread and act sooner.


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Ranked Team Slayer would be nice as well. Just regular standard slayer, radar and all but ranked.

I’d play that.


I understand where you are coming from. I played 15 games and 12 of them were oddball and strongholds.
My least two favorite gamemodes and they were all on the same two maps live fire and recharge

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