Give us a full port of Halo 5 on PC to distract use from all Infinite troubles / delays

If 343i got one of the many capable and probably available teams to port halo 5 to pc, in full, it would be good way to distract us all from all the problems with infinite. Like the missing feature delays, bugs, janky performance, mp issues, terrible store cosmetic stuff and the current very small pool of mp maps.

Not to mention the next update for the mcc is long over due aswell…

right now i’d rather play mcc and halo 5 on console instead of infinite.

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IMO, it would need to be a support studio, not an internal team. I’d rather the internal teams be focused on Infinite, personally. However, if a good support studio/contract studio were to be set up to do that, I’d be OK with it. Not necessarily since I want/need a distraction from Infinite (I’m still enjoying the time I spend on it), but more because it really, really bothers me that I have one missing game from the series in my Steam library. Plus, it’d be nice to do a series Legendary run with the boys leading up to campaign coop being (hopefully) released this summer.

Seeing how well (or rather the opposite) it played in just H5F form, it wouldn’t be as easy as just porting it.

Besides, what does this endeavor accomplish that the MCC doesn’t already? Bringing a mediocre, poorly received title to a niche crowd with similarly niche interests?

H5F was hamstrung by the UWP app environment, in terms of performance (especially at the time of release, IMO, modern hardware does overcome that - albeit, many years later). Any proper port not on UWP (i.e. win32) would likely have fewer issues and run better. UWP was synonymous with poor performance across a number of titles, and with supporting few PC options that were/are considered standard.

I may be misunderstanding this, but H5F running on PC (not H5G) running in a win32 (PC) environment didn’t really hold up particularly well. I haven’t tested it since it came out initially though.

So, on PC when H5F was released via the MS Store, the only way to deploy via the MS Store was via UWP - Unified Windows Platform. This was basically MS’s app format that they intended to take over for the win32 executable format and be usable across Windows PCs, tablets, and Xbox (though that has not happened). So, H5F on PC used UWP as this was right in the middle of MS’s push on the UWP environment. win32 apps are the ones you’d see with a traditional .exe executable, like you’d get from Steam. A UWP app runs in a UWP runtime managed more closely by Windows. Basically - UWP was a mess and games on UWP suffered greatly.

Though, not all of H5F’s issues are UWP-based, to be clear. Whoever did the port didn’t do things like support non-16:9 resolutions and failed to include support for above 60FPS framerates.

Infinite is full of marketing activities of ftb online games, they need to use Infinite to attract players to pay, and porting halo 5 will only allow more people to leave.
So don’t get any illusions

Make Infinite amazing over Halo 5, then port it once good will is restored.

We already have Halo 5 on PC in the form of Forge. All we are missing is Campaign, normal matchmaking, and the ability to change our armor. Full Forge making and Custom Games playability are supported. The full game would run fine. We are just missing the files. I suppose theoretically if the Xbox One was actually hacked and the files ripped, someone could drag all the missing files and folders to PC. It’s currently playable just in a limited state. It doesn’t need a full port. We just need 343 to update the game with the rest of the files.

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