give us a blank foreground emblem

I always used the two racing stripes background emblem because it looks like a sandwich, in the other halos. You can’t make the foreground empty in this one.

Just gonna post this one more time.

Come on spread the word

I don’t like the idea of having to unlock your emblem. I always used a yellow smiley face but now I feel naked without it =( BTW, is the smiley face even an option?

I think there is a way to have it blank as the characters in the final episode of RvB Season 10 didn’t appear to have emblems. That said, I’m not sure how to do it.

You could do it in Halo 3 and Reach. I can’t be the only one that likes a background emblem. I hope they read this and fix it.

I’m just gonna post this one more time before work but while I’m gone everyone keep spreading the word about our blank foreground emblems!

I agree with SANDWICH FISH we need that option. I mean why not?

Make the UNSC logo a foreground emblem and give us the option to toggle it blank.

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Fix it 343i

I used to always rock the seventh column symbol because if you toggle it you have a blank emblem, been that way since Halo 2… Damn it 343 gimme a black emblem again.

For me it was always the 4 plots/4 diamonds.
Gives us an emblem we can toggle blank in the next DLC.

It shouldn’t be that hard!

OH SNAP! I was just thinking about this again, but forgot to post up. I’m glad you did. It would be nice to have a blank emblem. :=|

Spread the word!

I’m ok with the emblems but I do miss the numbers.
Also my GF is mad because there’s not a heart emblem! Bungie used to support girl gamers so much more.

I used to rock just the background cross in Reach. I had it colored red so I looked like a combat medic.

Keep hope alive!!!

Keep hope alive!!!