Give the bases in Warzone a more natural feel

As the title states i want to tell 343i that the bases in future warzone maps should have a more natural feel to them, because most of the warzone bases currently feel very artificial in the map. Good examples of bases would be the Monument on Noctus and the Spire on Raid on Apex 7, those are the only bases and buildings that feel natural to the map for me. The Main bases, Garages and Armorys just don’t really fit in, atleast in my opinion. The Spire and the Monument are an integral part of the map structure and seem like they evolved with the map in it’s design process over time, all the other bases are templates plastered onto the map and thus don’t feel natural to me for the maps. I really hope to see bases in future warzone maps that feel like they really belong there. For example on a warzone map on sangheilios i want to see sangheili building functioning as warzone bases and not some UNSC 0815 boring template ( i really don’t like how the new UNSC Buildings look and feel ).

Long story short i want to have maps that have a more harmonic feel design wise.

What do you think? I would also really like to hear some ideas for warzone maps, or BTB maps because they sadly feel very toyish in my opinion.

Varying the architecture would make the games more interesting. Having to learn different layouts and jumps for each map would be cool.

Maybe some items like weapon crates and racks, med packs and the like.

I agree a lot. The bases (garage, home based, armory etc) don’t fit in at all. I wouldn’t mind trying a map with more nature also.

Yes I agree, some of the architecture just doesn’t fit well with some of the maps.

I would love to see more varied structures even if it were just some variations on the Armories and the Garage, perhaps a Covenant and Forerunner variation of each? I do agree that the Spire and the Monument are much more interesting and fun to play on because of their uniqueness. I would love to see more of these types of structures in future Warzone maps especially with Warzone Firefight drawing closer.

I’d like to see a warzone map that’s more 3 dimensional. I.e. massive and multilayered.

I’m thinking of something like a big space station, or maybe a natural environment with a cavernous underbelly. Something with sections of rounded-up walls that allow quick-moving vehicles to ramp up between levels. More close-quarter combat, grav lifts, and traps.

In other words, kind of the inverse of what we currently have… Where the “bases” that must be held are like wide open spaces on the edges of the map, and the battlefield is claustrophobic.

On Darkstar the bases intiriors are different. But outside is the same.