Give Reactor & Skybridge to H3 and Diamondback to Reach

Title says it all. I think most people agree this is the way to go.

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I just really need them to port Reactor into MCC.


Reactor, Skybridge, and Diamondback were given entries in Halo 3’s tools last I heard, so hopefully 343 listens to the recent feedback and releases them as a map pack.

At this point, nobody cares if they have to pay for them so long as it guarantees their inclusion.


I care to a degree, if they are paid DLC I can guarantee you they will seldom show up in matchmaking. 343 hasn’t released a purchasable map pack in over 9 years. I hope they do not start again. They’ve already added 4 maps at no cost, it would be ridiculous to charge now.

I’m not the biggest fan either, but given the choice between that or adding microtransacs, its the lesser of two evils. Optimally they’d just release them into 3 without any strings attached, but I don’t think that’s on the table anymore.

If its a big enough issue though, maybe they could go a step further and finish up the cut maps from both of the Halo 2’s, maybe even Halo 4 too. Iirc there was one Halo 2 Blastacular map for sure that never saw the light of day, and only got cut for time rather than how well it played.


I completely agree that while I do love free content, if it’s a choice between paying to have these maps or not having them at all, I would gladly pay.

Are you able to expand on the H:O maps being added to H3s tools? This sounds like a reassuring development.

Additionally, the idea of finishing up cut content from the legacy games to include as DLC/microtransactions resonates perfectly with me.

to my understanding, they were included in the folders when the tools dropped, albeit the folders themselves were largely empty save a few minor scripts that all the maps have. internal names matched the s3d_[mapname] prefixes that all the new maps have with the ones people had seen hidden in Halo Onlines code as well. (oddly the Powerhouse backport was also listed)

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That’s really awesome. To your knowledge, has 343i acknowledged this in any way? It would lead one to believe they are preparing to insert that content at some point.

Sort of?

In one of their news posts, they mentioned the team was still interested in bringing the maps over at some point, but the lead dev himself was of the opinion that they probably woudn’t be the ones doing it anytime soon, even if it’s not necessarily off the table.

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Hm that’s interesting. I wonder if he was mainly referring to the fact that they’ve diverted most of their resources to Infinite so that sort of content for MCC would be too heavy a lift. As opposed to him meaning that they just weren’t interested in surfacing that particular content atm