Give me something to do after BP

I’m playing just for fun now… That good and all.

But, I’m getting burnt out playing the same few gametypes on the same few maps.
Give me more Maps.
Give me more Gametypes.
Give me a global rank to grind towards.
Give me extra levels at the end of the BP with just challenge swaps.

Grinding Ranked just gets more and more frustrating as I play people who are waaaay better than me.

I know I completed the BP early, I had 2x exp from a bunch of Rockstars… but most of the population will be where I’m at in January/February too. Bad planning by 343 in my opinion .

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343: “We made progression on battle pass slow because it is meant to stretch over 6 months.”

Fans: “Progression is too slow! I am not unlocking 1000 aesthetics a day! What gives?”

343: “Fine, we will increase exp, but you will finish battle pass really fast and run out of unlockables to work towards.”

Fans: “I finished battle pass in a month! Now I have no reason to play! What gives?”

343: ". . . "


Give the people what they want and they’ll only want more

The problem is some us play a lot and others don’t.

That’s why this entire system needs to be thrown out the window because it doesn’t account for every type of gamer

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It’s not about the battlepass, the battlepass should be quick to level up. We’re paying for it. BUT they should add a base rank to level up like other halo games. Something to work towards. Right now we play just to play, there isn’t anything to achieve.


I’m in the same boat; however I’m still enjoying playing with friends. This game for sure needs a traditional rank system.

As much as I hate to say it, the BP needs to last as long as the CoD BP. Both have the same amount of useless items (CoD may be better because at least you’d get a couple new characters and/or skins) and both run 100 levels. I also like CoD has a level up system/rank system separate from the BP. Hasn’t every other halo had a rank system as well?

Speaking the truth right here enough is never enough

It’s impossible to cater to every gamer that’s just reality