Give Me Dual Wield... Or Else....

Give Me Dual Wield Or I Will Tell My Mom!

Does anyone else miss dual wield? Just think of the good ole Halo 3 days; Going 'round, Pwning (poning? How do I spell this?) Newb world with the double Sub MG or good ole Spiker(s)!?

Maybe overload their world with a nice serving of double Plasma Rifle helpings? Eh, Eh? (Peter from Family Guy) Make them all sticky?? Eh, Eh?

Why didn’t you post this in your other “Or Else” thread? Or the other way around, whichever came first.

What I’m saying is, this is a pointless thread.

With all the problems Halo’s had with balancing this mechanic it’s just more trouble than it’s worth.

Sorry, but this doesn’t seem to geared toward a constructive discussion. The poll options are mostly non-constructive, and one of the poll options has references to politics. Political discussions are not allowed on these forums.