Give Me A Battle

A real battle. A huge battle utilizing the “Over 60 A.I. on screen” feature that the Reach engine had. I want a battle that I can remember. A battle so amazing and so emotionally driven, that I purposely die at the end of the level, just so I can play it all over again. A battle that never gets old.

You guys remember the scene with all the warthogs, those falcons, and the one mongoose charging towards the covenant? Yah, of course you do. You know why? Because that was one of the most disappointing levels. They teased you with an amazing cut scene, and then gave you Kat. I’m not saying Reach was bad, Reach was great imo, Halo 4 just needs this type of battle.

There is no other game that can accomplish this in campaign mode. Be the first game to do this. You have the tools that you need. Over 60 A.I. on screen! And not useless A.I. either! This is what I really want from Halo 4, a memorable story and a huge battle.
That, and a badass warthog.

I would usually agree to this, but I think it should be postponed till Halo 5 or 6. I want Halo 4 to be a more lonely game focusing on Master Chief and maybe a few other characters, but not many. I want the more isolate feel of Halo: CE. A large battle would be fun, but more towards the end of the trilogy, not now.