Give a List of Upcoming Modes and Features

Currently Halo Infinite is somehow repeating the same mistakes Halo 5 did all those years ago (though not quite as bad this time around). The pool of content is pitifully small, and if this really is all we’re getting until May then I won’t bother playing the game.
Yet again many of the standard Halo modes we’ve had since 1 and 2 are missing. No King of the Hill, Infection, SWAT, or Assault. Custom games do not allow you to spawn with equipment, so I can’t make the infinite grapple mode yet.
We know from leaks that there are at least a couple more weapons and vehicles in the campaign that aren’t in MP yet, so it makes sense that maybe (probably not) more content is coming on December 8.
Please just give us a list of standard features and modes that are on the way already so we know which things to complain about. We all know we want SWAT back but maybe it’s already on the way. Save everyone some time.
Also, please don’t wait 6 months to reinstate the most standard Halo content we’ve had for the last 20 years.