Gitting Gud at Halo Reach

Halo Reach holds a special place in my heart; it was my first Halo, and my first FPS. I adored the campaign, and I have plenty of cherished memories in split-screen Co-op and Firefight. However, I never touched matchmaking. I was never the competitive type, and didn’t have Gold anyways.
A few years later, I decided to pick up my old favorite and start trying out matchmaker. It’s fun, but I’m also getting my -Yoink- kicked hard. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten much more than 10 kills a match, and my K/D is a pitiful 0.47. Honestly, I’m kind of baffled. Throw me into Campaign or Firefight, and I shine. I can kill Elites and Jackals just fine, but other players just crush me. How can I change this?

practice makes perfect they say! Do lots of custom game. Learn the weapon spawns, where the grenades are. Time respond for weapons is good to know to. learn how to use all the abilities.