GI: Introducing Blue Team & Fireteam Osiris

Gameinformer has another H5 article concentrating on the two Spartan teams.
There is a character profile for each Spartan too.

Blue Team
Fireteam Osiris

Seems as though gameplay-wise aside from the different loadouts there won’t be any differences between the characters. Really want to see the different HUDs :slight_smile:

Want to see faces of Fred, Linda and Kelly too!

Unless you mean in-game renders (which I’m sure will be beautiful), there are already pictures out there. I’m pretty sure they showed Kelly (or maybe it was Linda) in Foward Unto Dawn. And then there is probably a few panels in The Fall Of Reach comic.

Through the GI articles, we found out that Locke actually doesn’t hate the Chief or want him dead, he’s just doing his job of finding Chief and Blue Team. I wouldn’t see any reason for Locke to hate Chief unless he maybe kills or severely injures a member of Fireteam Osiris or something at some point in the game