Ghosts on Ragnarok?

Am I the only one who dislikes their being ghosts on Ragnarok?

I don’t see the need for both banshee and mantis. Should just be Mantis and Warthog in my oppinion.

But im not too fussed.

Probably not, but I’m absolutely appalled by the number of times I’ve played Ragnarok in War Games for this game. 343 did an tremendous job building Halo 4 maps to fit the new play style and facilitate more creative tactics, and it’s so rare that we get to experience that. I love every one of the new maps, including Impact, Ravine, and Erosion, and I’m very close to the point where I’m not going to play War Game anymore until they take Ragnarok off of the playlist.

> Am I the only one who dislikes their being ghosts on Ragnarok?

Seriously? Are we going to get this nitpicky? What happened - did someone splatter you today and now you don’t like ghosts on the map?

Everybody is coming in here today waiting weapons and vehicles removed from mp, and honestly I think it is all stupid. If you are playing on Ragnarok typically you are in BTB, and historically THAT has been the game type (with the map variants) that have VEHICLES. If you don’t want to see vehicles on Ragnarok play a custom game.

I played a lot of BTB last night and only played Ragnarok a couple times. It seems like people have stopped voting exclusively for it for the most part. I would imagine it had a lot to do with checking out the Mantis. Seems like people aren’t as fascinated by them anymore. And about ghosts, I’ll take em on any map they spawn on. I would have rocked a ghost on Lockout.

People are complaining about Ghosts now? You guys better not get the Ghost removed like you did with the tank on Hemorrhage (Halo Reach).

Ragnarok is probably the only map where the ghost doesn’t bother me. Every other map, however, seems to always have like 4 ghosts in play at one time. It’s extremely annoying.