Ghosts of The Journey Reboot

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It was late into the night, The UNSC Bushido, a Autumn class cruiser, sat in the Hangar bay waiting to be refueled and resupplied. Captain Amand sat at his desk in his room looking through the data pad in his hand, he was a middle age man, he looked like as if he would be from the Middle East during the era when Earth was the only colonized planet, he scratched his small beard trying to kill time since he wasn’t tired. Suddenly a new file popped up, he looked confused for a second with only the word “Urgent” appearing as it’s title. “Takashi.” He said with a deep voice mixed with his accent.
A small hologram popped up on his desk, he glowed a light blue as he carried the look of an ancient Samurai preparing for war. “Yes captain?” He asked him.
“What is this?” Takeshi gave him a confused look. “It’s a file sir.”
“Yes I know, but who sent this?”
Amand eyes winded as he opened the file it was a small message, not much detail in it except the basic information
He looked confused at the message. “They sound nervous about something.” He said opening the Spartan files starting to read them.
“Spartans will arrive within 18 hours.” Takashi said speaking up.
“Thank you for the heads up, start planning a course towards Railen, we leave when the Spartans arrive and are debriefed.” Amand said going back to reading the files.Takashi bowed towards him and disappeared leaving him alone in his room.
As time went on Amand stood in the bridge, looking over the course, as a marine spoke up. “Sir the pelicans have arrived in the hangar."
“Understood private, escort them to the bridge for debriefing.”

Damon sits in his drop pod resting as he looks at his Magnum.

jefferson paced back and forth in his quarters, waiting for deployment orders.

The comforting hum of the pelican had silenced, Deacon woke up from the sudden change of noise and the first thing he witnessed was a spartan IV before him, her helmet was off and her black hair was in a long pony tail that laid down her shoulder, her brown eyes looked to him as she smiled and put her CQB helmet on, reaching for it with her right arm which had been an entirely metallic prosthetic when she put her helmet on a robotic voice came out of her speakers as she stood up and extended her arm to him. “Time to get up Deacon” it said to him. He nodded taking her arm, this was his good child hood friend Kiana, whom he’d known since 7th grade. Hearing her robotic voice comforted him, while this wasn’t the only way she could talk, she knew it had helped him more than her sign language did.

“Thanks Kiana” he said as he walked off of the ramp with her.

Deruk 'Mokto sat in his large chair on the bridge of the CAS carrier the Divine Exaltation, he looked down seeing a flashing red symbol on the screen, he tapped it to see a list of coordinates to a star system you have your orders 'Mokto, make sure our alliance holds true -Jul “all hands prepare for slipspace” Deruk said across the speakers, within a few minutes the portal opened and his ship entered slipspace.

Nos Leygall stood aboard the Shadow of Qikost standing next to his ship master, mentor, and close friend Kay Nar Valium the two stood on the bridge of the ship preparing for slipspace though Leygall did not know why “where are we going shipmaster?” Leygall asked him curiously

“We are heading for a human system, they require our aid” Kay said to him, his golden ascetic harness shimmering in the light “I know you do not like humans Leygall, do not let your anger control you” he said once again, Leygall gave an affirmative bow and headed for his quarters preparing.

Blake sat there his laid back sleeping quietly during the trip, it had been days since he had been able to sleep without something troubling him. Kaitlynn sat next to him her head resting on his arm as she messed around on her data pad.

“Were landing in ten seconds.” The pilot said. She looked up at Blake and softly patted his face. “Hey…Blake wake up we’re almost there.” She said in a soft tone, her voice sounded as if she was a sweet innocent girl. Blake eyes shot wide open and he grabbed her hand and stopped her. “You don’t have to slap me.” He let go and started stretching, popping his neck.

She scoffed at his comment. “I’m wasn’t slapping you I was patting your cheek moron.” The door opened as she grabbed her tablet and bag, she was the first off, standing in the hangar waiting for Blake. “You coming or what?”

“Yeah,yeah give me a second.” He stood up and grabbed his bag hopping off. “You’re slow…like a Big Daddy!” She said happily when she made the bioshock reference. She looked over to see the other Spartans hoping off. “Hey look maybe you can finally make some new friends.” She told him.

“No.” He responded in a serious tone.

Winter and Jess sit in a hallway, Winter was looking down at his boots, “I don’t want to talk about it”

“Come on, please?” Jess practically begs

“No, Jess I’m serious”

“Come on, tell me I might know her”

“She’s dead, alright? That’s all you need to know” Winter stands up, heading for the briefing point

Thats pretty cool dude

Sky had a thousand things on her mind, most were related to regret and sadness about what had happened to her on Kholo and Miridem, during her childhood, but here Grace was beside her, to take that all away.

“Sky, I’m nervous.” She finally said.

“Don’t be, I’m right here.” Sky replied.

“That helps.” Grace smiled.

“Too bad.” Kaitlynn said walking over to the other Spartans, Blake following behind her. “Hey, did ONI assign you guys here?” She asked, while Blake looked at them not saying a word.

Deacon didn’t respond thankfull that the visor on his rouge helmet hid his face, he shyly stood by Kiana who cleared her visor to smile “yes they did, it’s our first day here… My name is Kiana, this is my close friend Deacon” she said changing the pitches of her voice to try and sound happy but the tone of her robotic voice did not change, Kiana was thinking about how she might shock them how she spoke without moving her mouth.

Deacon nervously grabbed onto Kiana’s arm before letting go getting a grip of himself taking his helmet off, long brown hair was the first sight anyone would see as it went down his back, he adjusted it so it sat on his shoulders flowing down his chest all the way to his stomach he forced his face into a smile and spoke confidently “hey how ya been?” Was his first response

Damon puts his Magnum away as he picks up his helmet. The helmet black and having a golden visor as he looks at it. He gets out of his pod and walks out of the pod bay as he goes to his quarters.

“Same I’m Kaitlynn and this quiet lunatic behind me is my brother Blake, he won’t bite…less you piss him off.” She said laughing softly, turning her attention to Deacon And I’ve been good how bout you?" She said looking back at Blake. “Jesus would you socialize?”

He looked at Kiana and Deacon and spoke. “Hey.”

“At least we’re getting somewhere.” She mumbled

“Deacon isn’t a social person either, I just forced him into it” Kiana said as Deacon nervously started backing up before stopping, staring off into seemingly nothing “he doesn’t like people… People cause pain” Kiana said then noticing he spaced “he gets like that sometimes” she said smacking his chest lightly as he came back to reality.

“Oh sorry…” He said slamming his helmet down onto his head hiding his face again

“Guess they’ll get along amazingly then…so where we’re you guys at before you got moved to here?”

Winter shrugs at Kaitlynn’s question, but Jess nods, “Yep, so what’s the mission? ONI was, well ONI about the details”

“Beats me, they didnt tell us much they just said, we’re going to the Bushido to help with a HVT.”

“Flood. I’m calling it.” Sky said, Grace clinging to her as she said this.

“Sky, you’re joking, right?!” Grace asked.

Blake chuckled “If it was flood they would tell us…nah it’s something else, Railen is one of the most fortified facility the UNSC has, not even the covenant could get close to it.” He said speaking up. “So what could scare ONI enough to make us go to Railen?”

Kaitlynn looked at him surprised. “You just talked, without me having to make you.”

A pelican entered the hanger, it touched down not to far from the others as three spartan-II’s stepped out, the one with a katana noticed the group and waved his squad over, he approached them and spoke with an old Japanese accent “Greetings friends, my name is Sengo” he bowed as he spoke.

Kaitlynn looks over at him. “Oh hey.” She said watching him bow. “You guys got assigned here to right? By any chance did they tell you why? We haven’t been told anything.”