Ghosts of Meridian: Possible hint?

I know this is way speculating, but 343 did announce that infection was indeed coming, just not in the next update (Hammer Storm). So the name of the March update, Ghosts of Meridian, is it possibly hinting at an infection theme? Sure I know that current speculation is on the warzone map, but who knows? What do you guys think?

I think we might get the "Living Dead" playlist in the “Memories Of Reach” update. If we can we should get a legendary energy sword or some flood infected skins!

Yeah I guess Memories of Reach is a good name for that type of playlist, since it was one of my favorite game types from Reach, and the same for probably a lot of people.

In Memories of Reach, I will like to be the emile’s shotgun, and in the game Infection