Ghost Pack is Back!

Hey fellow Spartans! Sierra 326 here asking if youre are looking for an interesting Clan. One that applies itself to your wants and needs. If you like putting .50 calibur sniper bullets into other peoples heads, but never seem to make it out alive after because of a lack of team effort, don’t worry we’ll have your back covered, if you’re looking for a clan that likes to stay active and fun but at the same time well-disciplined, well, were right here. BUT IF YOU ENJOY SNEAKING BEHIND ENEMY LINES AND COMPLETELY EXTERMINATE THE ENEMY TEAM… You just earned yourself a medal. All I ask is for your Extreme Loyalty and respect to this Clan and its teams. oh and you have to be 14 and up, NO KIDS! If you’re wondering why there isn’t much info, well… 95% of what we do is either Exclusive or Classified…

For the other 5% on those details and info contact ME! GT: Cymulation V8! and i’ll get you prepped in those Space Diapers of yours


the Clan is VERY short on girls so if you’re a Spartanette looking for some brain scramblers, consider this post a personal invitation

see you starside!