Ghost Needs an Overhaul

I will first say I know what I’m talking about. I have been an avid splatter happy gamer since Halo 3.

I am very proficient at using the Ghost and I have been featured in the Top 10 Series featured #2 by Anoj regarding splatters.

With that said, the Ghost in Halo 4 is garbage. The damage and area of damage needs fixed. I have personally been directly hit by a Ghost and was just pushed for about 4 seconds until I realized I was still alive and proceeded to high jack the driver. And I have done my fair share of pushing people around without killing.

Further more it’s nearly impossible to hit anyone, with the height we can jump now and the amount of time we can hang in the air, you can jump well in advance of being splattered and avoid death and just plasma pistol the driver provided they didn’t flip after missing.

Which brings me to this issue. How easy it is to flip the darn thing. I have flipped from just hitting a person, that’s all it took in one situation, but that’s not the problem. You end up bum in the air from the slightest of taps on walls or going over small rocks, it doesn’t take much to ruin your fun.

The ease of avoiding and ease of flipping isn’t warranted based on how easy it is to blow up a Ghost with weapon fire.

My solution would be to make it more stable and increase the damage radius above the ghost.

sorry but thats not going to happen the ghost already has enough power if not too much

I agree it flips over for no reason but I don’t think it needs to be any easier to splatter people. Although I have noticed what you are talking about.

It’s about as hard as it was to splatter people as it was in halo 3.

The new flip prone new ghost has actually made me a better driver. You just need to watch what you’re driving over.

I will put together a video demonstrating how bad it is in a while hopefully. And there’s no denying how bad it is for me. It was a lot more easier to splatter in Halo 3, just as easy in Reach but you never wanted to run anyone over because there would be a high chance of armour lock.

In 4, its just unbelievably easy to jump over the ghost, it’s just so easy it’s not funny.

I agree.

I miss the perfect Halo 2 and Halo 3 Ghosts. This new, beautiful looking Ghost, though better than Reach’s abomination, is dreadful.