Ghost moves faster diagonally

I just hopped back onto Infinite and loaded up Behemoth, and it felt like the Ghost was moving a bit faster than normal. I did a rough test, and it seems like the Ghost moves faster when holding W and A (or D) than when just holding W. Boosting diagonally is no different from boosting straight, though. I also tested going sideways, just for fun.

My rough test was one lap around Behemoth, and I just counted the seconds. Forwards, it took around 31 seconds. Diagonally, it took around 24. Completely sideways took around 32 seconds.
Of course, this probably isn’t 100% accurate, as I was just counting seconds and wasn’t always taking the exact same line, but, roughly speaking, it seems like there is at least somewhat of a significant difference in speed.

Looks like, at least on PC, both forwards and sideways have just about the same velocity, and those vectors are getting added together instead of just using the same speed that forwards has?

Personal thoughts: if this wasn’t an intentional design choice and was simply overlooked in game development, wouldn’t this imply that there could be potentially a ton of other engine/movement glitches akin to how the Source engine has tap strafing and whatnot? Could be a blessing for speedrunners, could be a curse for multiplayer.