Ghost glitch

a budy and myself were trying to get a jump on the splatter commindation in a matchmaking game consisted of him, 3 of his guests, myself ,and 3 of my guests. on the complex map.

at a few points we noticed the ghost vehicles were doing odd things. for example, the ghost would suddenly do a headeron flat ground and flip over way befor we get close to our stationary target.
another example is the gost suddely shooting into the air and being thrown across the tops of the buildings (simalure to a bouncing ball) and falling out side the area limets.

all this happoned during one game. since that time we have been tdying to recreate that event( couse for whatever reason 343 deaided it was a bad idea to store more than one game recording on your hdd at any one time =\ )

we were able to see them glitch and flip for no reson, but the only more eventful glitch to happon more than once was my charecter siddenly “porting” to my spawn and dieing , leaving the Ghost behind.

although the cercumstances were agenst the rules of honorable game play, this isue might arise in other areas.
(worning, in testing this glitch, i was cut off any xp gain for exploiting the matchmaking options to have a party of 6 guests and 2 real players. try at own rist. and not recomended)

(ps. can anyone tell me how long that ban lasts anyway?)
(pps. i was not able to aae said videos of the tests 343 please correct that =\ )

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