ghost destroyer

whats the fastest method and playlist to get ghost destroyer commendation

Go to where the ghosts are. Warzone.

Hit’em with big guns and vehicles. Stuff that beats a ghost (it used to be a little easier, before they nerfed the Oni Hog).

Warzone using railguns
WZA as above
WZ FF as above
BTB using whatever you can.
Multi-team as above.

Btb did it for me, one of the first things i had done

I’m surprised you’re having trouble with this. Ghosts were among the first I completed they seem to be everywhere.

Warzone and BTB are your best bets. BTB will always have SOMEONE in one trying to get splatters. Stick to cover and spray them down with BR and AR fire until their plasma cells blow up. If you have a bigger vehicle, all the better.
Killing Ghost-driving bosses in Warzone will also count I believe.

Railguns and Spartan Lasers

Use SMG with kinetic bolts. Its good againest vehicles

do u get the pirate emblem for it

I like to use plasma casters and railguns on ghost

This above supplies only to when you’ve used your supply of rail guns…

Early game, use talon of the lost. No one ever sees it coming, it’s super effective, and you probably have a million of them laying around.

Late game, hope the enemy team spawns goats ultras, and rocket the crap out of them.

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> do u get the pirate emblem for it

Yes. The wasp emblem. It’s our clan emblem so was the first emblem I tried to get. Was relatively easy to get as ghost drivers are everywhere. Stick 'em, laser 'em, rail 'em etc.
good luck.

edit: this is a lie. Sorry, misread your question and answered it wrong anyway. Yes you get the pirate emblem. The wasp is for ghost gunner kills. Long time ago and I just woke up.