Ghost and Warthog

Hey all! First of all, I’m having a terrific time in the game, so nothing too major to be complaining about. But, I must say, the Ghost and Warthog are too affected not just by DMR but by everything. The Ghost especially is only slightly more useful than in Reach. Splattering isn’t as safe as it used to be, thanks to Plasma Pistol and Plasma Grenade spawns, and with the addition of Sprint it’s very easy to get hi-jacked while trying to shoot someone (backing up is slower than them moving at you). Add in lag, and you’re landing every bullet and still getting hi-jacked.

This is only made worse by the fact that the Ghost now seems more effected by the terrain beneath it than it used to. It seems to me and the friends I’ve talked too that it tips way too easily. And even if you land the flip (DO A BARREL ROLL!), the DMRs will have you. And I still can’t figure out who on this planet looked at Reach’s Ghost and said, “Yep, limited boost was a good thing.”

The Warthog, to a lesser extent, is demolished by weapons that aren’t power weapons. I’m not going to complain a whole lot because the turret seems to be buffed, but it’s still annoying when, with full shields, two bullets blows you up.

I don’t want to make a huge deal about, given the community’s reaction to Reach’s Banshee, but in Halo 4 it just feels underpowered. DMRs, Lightrifles, Mantises–there’s no way to use it to kill anything without dying immediately.

Well I Think the ghost is great especially the damage buff and I understand the warthog is fine too. The plasma pistol and plasma grenade starts do take away from the enjoyment of the vehicles though but if you’re careful you can cause serious damage to a team.

And the banshee is fine. In fact its great, just not super OP like the reach one. If it wasnt strong I would nt go on constant sprees and rampages with it, just check my file share.