GG to 343 Playing Halo

Here’s to GGs from 343.

It’s too bad about all the 3v4…

I know some developers are playing in Onyx right now instead of fixing this forum.

We have to build the custom games ourselves players.

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With all the boosters, trolls, smurfs and players I still hope it will be I never loose 30% of my Dimond level for loosing a single game of solo que ever again.

It can even be ranked protection for all Spartans wearing Mark V armor.

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If this is done, I’ll help out with the Forge once I’m Onyx.

Loose 49:50 then loose a little bar, loose 2:0 loose big bar. But please no more loose 30% bar.

The thing is 15 points isn’t a lot in the scheme of things.

Apart from being a chunk of one bar.

We don’t know a lot about Infinite’s exact scoring mechanism. But in Halo 5, if you were lower than Onyx, 15 points was the standard win/loss change. Modified by a multiplier depending on the relative rank of you vs the opposition team.

So if you lost a bad game, to a team you should have beaten fairly easily, you could lose 15 points.

But on the same token, you could win up to 15 points if you caused an upset.

The matchmaking shouldn’t allow for multiples reward/punishment based on overall team rank value in a solo que ranking system.

This is because anyone can become a Smurf at anytime.

All players should be ranked and valued as the highest ranked player, otherwise they shouldn’t be in the same lobby.

It’s all about simplifying good matchmaking.

i have to agree with him on this solo q and your team is diamond 1, plat 4, gold 6, and diamond 3(me) vs 2 Diamond 4s, diamond 2, and a diamond 6 like the game i just lost two matches ago in a flag game and for my lose what do they take away a good 20 csr! How are those teams balanced and if i think back to halo 5 both team 343 said should have at least a 40% chance to win the game. i don’t think we had a 40% chance to win that game do u?

I’m back in Mark VII now though.

There is a weighting for squads (which I believe is increased the more they play together).

So that part is covered.

The other bit… about Smurfs and manipulation of teams… needs intervention from 343. I’m all for a max rank difference - and some sort of minimum number of games for new accounts before they can play ranked (or at least a minimum number of ranked games before you can join a squad).

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