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Just like to take a minute of my time to say congratulations to all the casual gamers that still love halo 4, your day has finally arrived where all of the competitive community has left due to the MLG announcement.

Enjoy it while you can, before the whole community has abandoned this iteration of the Halo franchise.


The whole community? You have got to be joking. Not everyone cares about MLG you know. The more intelligient people will stick around to see what updates are brought to the game.

So, everyone’s leaving? And there will only be a few thousand horrible players online and Halo 4 will die? Ok.

Thank you, OP, thank you.

This is indeed a time for celebration.


laughed so hard that i almost fell off my chair.

> Thank you, OP, thank you.
> This is indeed a time for celebration.

My pleasure.


The competitive community anyway.

Yeah I could care less what MLG does. They have solid settings and know their way around Halo but if they “abandon” the franchise I’m not going to lose sleep. I play this game to win. I wish we still had ranks. But I don’t need MLG to tell me whether I am competitive or not, and there are plenty of like minded people left on Halo 4 to play against (though if the TU is a flop then you will see a lot of us leave). I agree with your sentiment OP, I just have a problem with the whole MLG=Halo attitude.


> reported

Seems Legit.

Congratulates casuals for getting what they want = Reported.

You sir seem slightly upset.

Are you also congratulating the competitive players who still like halo 4?

Yes the whole community of competitive gamer’s left Halo and yet I’m still here along with my team and about a couple thousand other competitive players still play.
So, wheres your proof?