Getting to the Midnight Cutscene Rooms - Halo 4

Years ago when Halo 4 first released, Nowise found the first cutscene room on Midnight, where Infinity blasts a hole in the Didacts ship. Now a few years later we discovered and explored the other two remaining cutscene rooms, The Tunnel that Chief flies through and the Crashed Broadsword Room. To our surprise the rooms were actually solid, since H4 isn’t really known for having solid out of map areas. These are some of the cooler rooms we’ve explored in Halo 4, hope you guys enjoy!

Cool! Thanks for finding stuff!

Back at it again I see. I remember seeing a similar post by you for a another discovery a little while back. This is pretty sweet! Gotta say it again, I love it when people like you are dedicated to this sort of thing and find new secrets years after a game reaches its peak. Keep it up :slight_smile:

Clickable link.

This is very cool OP, thank you for sharing. I always loved getting out of maps and exploring in previous Halo games and it’s nice to see that effort is still going.