Getting to the MAC Cannon early using a Ghost!!! (w/vids)

I originally posted this on the forums, but posting it here for anyone that is not a member over there. Here is a link to the original post - [url=’>

This may or may not work as well on higher difficulties/with more skulls turned on. Please post your experiences here if you do make it work on higher difficulties.

After RC Master posted the tutorial on how to get to the MAC Cannon early on the level POA, I really wanted to try it. However I am not very good with trick jumping. I found a short clip on YouTube of someone using a Ghost to boost up there, but they didn’t really say how they did it. I managed to recreate it, and captured videos so everyone can learn how to do it as well. I have only done it on Normal, so pehaps some brave souls can attempt to do this on Mythic as well.

  1. Tilt and Cowbell skulls must be on
  2. After getting on the Ghost, try to stay on the Ghost. If you do get off the Ghost, keep it in your line of sight or it will despawn.
  3. Get a feel for where the Checkpoints are, so you ensure you are on the Ghost when you hit one.
  4. Keep at least one Frag grenade from the beginning of the level (both if possible). You need it to boost the Ghost up to the MAC Cannon

Get a Ghost in the second part of the Boneyard section of POA (usually 2 hanging out there). Shoot or melee the wings off each side so the Ghost can fit through the doors. The Tilt skull does help keep damage down on the Ghost, but try to avoid taking damage if at all possible.Take it slow and easy, take time with all the enemies up til the end. As you can see from my video, you can noob it up and still get the Ghost to the end. Once you get to the platform, position the Ghost where I do in the video. Aim so you toss the grenade near the middle of the underside of the Ghost and immediately jump on top of it. The blast will propel you up to the MAC Cannon. It may take a few tries to get the position of the Ghost and the grenade toss perfected.

Here are the videos (sorry not rendered, but you can download):

Getting Ghost to MAC Cannon - video is about 19 minutes long, FYI (
Ghost grenade boost to MAC Cannon (

Has anyone else had any luck recreating this? Has anyone been successful with a Ghost boost on higher difficulties/with more skulls turned on? Please post your results here.

Someone was nice enough to render the shorter video that shows the grenade boost up to the MAC Cannon. Thank you very much!!!

nice work :slight_smile:

I love these.

Nice trick. I never seem to get that lucky when it comes to grenade jumps.

Big thanks to Lokis Paralax for rendering the shorter of my two videos!


I captured the 19 minute long clip on how to get the Ghost to where the MAC Cannon is using my old Dazzle device (not HD unfortunately). I have uploaded this video and the other rendered video (thanks to Lokis Paralax) to YouTube. Here are the links:

<a href=>Getting Ghost to MAC Cannon - YouTube
<a href=>Ghost grenade boost to MAC Cannon - YouTube

> Nice trick. I never seem to get that lucky when it comes to grenade jumps.

I’m not very good with most grenade jumps myself. I find that this one is easy to do for most people that have trouble with the normal trick jumps (i.e. toss grenade, time jump, etc.). With this one just jump on top of the Ghost as soon as you toss the grenade and up you go. The key is getting the grenade toss exactly like in the video.