Getting the old BTB server bug with The Yappening

Is anyone else having it find a game but then saying there’s a problem with the dedicated server and canceling matchmaking?

This happened in BTB a few months ago and was a problem for a long time until they fixed it. It seems to have come back for me.

Might not complete the event pass at this rate. It was ok last night.

Looks like it’s the Azure servers:


Yes, its taking me 2-4 attempts to get into a game.

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343is servers are having problems at the moment, see waypoint home page. Thing they are being DDoSed or something.

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Happens in every playlist to me.

I can’t get into a match at all with this message popping up every time.

Literally right after I put up my last post I ended up cutting the game off because I couldn’t get into a game at all. I was past making ten attempts and kept getting the message so I just shut it off. SMH…

Took me several attempts but it did eventually work

Looks like it’s the servers:

20 attempts, completely down.

12 attempts and I got one finally.

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It’s happening in other modes too. Couldn’t find a SWAT match for a while.

It happens in every gamemode since 2 hours.
Its either a server problem or too many server were shutdown and the remaining servers cant handle the higher amount of player who wants to play the Yappening event.

To anyone who didn’t know the server host they used was having problems wasn’t the game.

Leave it to 343 to have BTB event and then have the same bug from launch happen again.

Along with this bug, last night the desync was way worse than it usually is. Shot a rocket at it just disappeared into the ground.

Slipspace engine is held together with duct tape and sticks.

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It wasn’t 343 it was their server host.

ya that happened several times the other night.

Worst then not being able to join, not being able to finish a -Yoink!- game! F******************