getting the first hit

no matter what you do in short or close range whoever gets the first hit wins any way to counter this and come back?

What I like to do in situations where I’m hit first is try to make a bit of a retreat to the point where I have to force the person into an area where my team will hit him as well, or where I can get a sneak punch in for a double pummel.

Another trick would be utilizing pulse grenades. They help tremendously in those situations.

If you can learn to predict you’re going to get shot first, a pre-emptive grenade will go a long way in helping you get the upper hand.

Oh, and circle strafe, circle strafe, circle strafe!

That helps me so much when using the automatics.

thank you any other tips?

If you get shot, even once, and you are not sure where it is coming from just run. Stay alive.

Only engage if you have the upper hand or at least have a 50/50 chance of outshooting your opponent. If you are still losing fights while using this strategy then you just gotta buckle down and practice your aim a bit.

If opponents are constantly getting the drop on you then you just need to slow down your gameplay and increase your map awareness. Expect someone around every corner, play as if at any given second someone is about to open fire on you.

Of course, it’s impossible to ALWAYS play with this level of intensity but it’s a must when you are playing equally skilled opponents.

> no matter what you do in short or close range whoever gets the first hit wins any way to counter this and come back?

dont know how you are playing. I can come back from getting his first and kill the opponent. get better

Other Halo games were better at giving you a fighting chance at coming back. I like the pace of this game, but it doesn’t encourage teamfire as much, and does kill a little too quickly. But it’s still way better than other realistic shooters.

Anyway, always turn your back to the person firing, as you run faster forward, and it’s a whole lot harder to get headshots from behind. You can also try Ghandi hopping, which is rapidly crouching up and down as you retreat. It makes headshots harder.

k thanks and other guys saying get better does not help how about some tips

Whilst the bullet magnetism and hit detection is the worst I’ve ever seen in a X360 game, I have no recommendations for winning a fight when the opponent shoots first, in terms of precision weapons.

It’s impossible to strafe-dodge or crouch-dodge incoming fire as the game aims for everyone, so “first come, first serve” applies to 90% of precision-on-precision situations. Also, if you’re more than an arms length from cover you might as well resign yourself to a new respawn since stopping power is so damn overwhelming.

Just do what everybody else is doing right now, sit with your sight-lines just over the top of cover and snipe everyone with the DMR. Your KD will be nice and sparkly this way since nobody can shoot you out of scope and the targeting system implemented in Halo 4 grants the DMR 100% accuracy when someone is nearyour aiming reticule, from one end of Ragnarok to the other - so you should have no problems on any of the other maps doing the same thing.

In fact, when all seems lost in precision-precision CQC, trying jumping. At worst you’ll get shot in the leg rather than the head, even if your opponent is playing one-handed and staring at the floor.

This is not me raging about dying a lot, it’s the truth. Test it out with a friend in online/offline custom games. This game is too damn easy. does all the aiming for you and promotes heavy camping. Possible solutions include: dramatically tightening up bullet magnetism and significantly reducing the appropriate range of the DMR.

Know the map, it is the most important thing to know. You can try to out strafe them. However, I recommend retreating around a corner or anything that breaks their line of sight. Then use a grenade, a hologram or whatever you like to beat them if they follow you.

Remember, you always want to engage your opponent on your terms. That’s how you win a duel.