Getting Team Together For Halo 5

Whats up guys, I want to get a competitive team together for halo 5. I’m currently playing halo mcc until then and if you want to play some and talk about the future when it comes to halo 5 just message me on there. This is going to be a serious team so be ready to practice a lot, but have fun at the same time! Like I said just message me and we can talk about the detail! Gt-novaphenom

GT: AntziBoi (subject to change)
Feel free to contact me through waypoint if I have changed my gt at the time of reading.

I’m a fairly experienced halo gamer usually have more kills than deaths. At first I’ll be totally shy and speak as little as I have to until I get comfortable and start to join in conversation more. Saying I’m an experienced halo player is kind of an overstatement because I don’t know how I’ll be, I haven’t touched a controller since MCC when I got into PC games really hardcore. I’m in the OCE region so with most people on here I wouldn’t get a very good connection to :frowning:

I’m 16 and I guess you could say I’m mature…I’m not very outspoken but can get goofy and a little ragey at some points.

anyways thanks for reading :smiley:

Cool I’ll add you!

I would certainly be interested, no idea how I’ll go. Haven’t really played competitively since H3

GT JakeNades haven’t played competitively since Reach, but I’m down

Haven’t done competitive for a while, nor do I do it often. But I am a very good Halo veteran since Halo 3. I’ll add you man!
GT Scoutspartan214

I’ll be playing MCC till H5, been playing halo since C.E. looking to compete.

GT: Prince Jeep