Getting sick of these PC players at 140 fps and or servers

Yeah well i’m getting sick of all you console players with your aim assist and bullet magnatism even those on PC…

But joke aside the game has some serious desync issues i find many times i’m killing a guy in 4 shots to the head with a br instead of 3 i feel like I’m wasting ammo on guys that should be dead and not still charging towards me…

Yeees the most egregious of things to do in halo when players have precision weapons… essentially turning yourself into target practice… I always try to keep moving… Even in a wasp i’m constantly strafing…

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I can imagine they were just sinking their teeth into a sandwich - then spat half of it out trying to grab the controller!!!

I saw a hasty movement just before they died!!!

Higher fps doesn’t make your guns do more damage. Idk man, buy a PC.


it does allow you to move/react slightly faster though and as I said to someone who said buy a console, Not everyone has money laying around to buy a $600USD or less computer

Higher fps does not allow you to move faster. You have the same movement speed as everyone else. It doesn’t really allow you to react faster either. Let me put it to you the simplest way I can.

Imagine a three frame sequence where an enemy is moving out from behind a wall.
Frame 1: Enemy is behind wall.
Frame 2: Enemy’s gun and arm are poking out from behind the wall.
Frame 3: Enemy is fully out from behind wall.

A player on 60 FPS will not see Frame 2 while a player on 120 FPS will.

Literally the only difference.

Edit: Also, you’re not gonna get a gaming PC for $600, but honestly that’s a bad argument regardless. It’s like if someone can’t afford to buy an Xbox should they be able to play at 120fps on a calculator? Where does it end?

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Can’t you block cross play from Xbox system settings?

Cant confirm that. Im playing on XBox Series X and i have the same issues. Headshots not registering, being shot around a corner, input lag on the controller, and so many other problems.
For me it looks like connectivity problems, server issues.

Yeah I always try and tell my team when I notice I’ve desynced. Nobody ever believes you and calls it a John. I’ve definetly been facestabbed (punched in the back while looking at the enemy) I’ve been 1 tapped by melee (not registered as a backstab medal) and I’ve been shot and killed by every single gun as though I’m in swat even tho I have full shields in ranked. It’s very strange to see someone come around a corner and see them shoot you once and kill you, to only see your ragdoll get stuck in the ground.
I have to assume this is only a desync, while on my screen they JUST turned the corner and 1 tapped me, while in reality, they were most likely already around the corner and saw ME approach just walking forward not doing anything for 3 shots, until I shoot back once to get perfected. While thats NOT what happened on everyone’s server. What I have seen on YouTube is desperately concerning. I’ve seen people die on one screen while killing the other on another screen. This happens on Slippi SSBM too, usually you see the opponent swinging randomly and just running off stage killing themselves, but this is far worse on halo. This level of desync halo has can in turn means that both teams can win or lose in their respective client side match. I could steaktacular a team while on their end they demolished us so we both won. It seems like they have to fix it within the next 2 days or they will only lose more players

Higher fps does allow higher reaction time because that’s basic math. If you have 30 frames in 1 second to use as data to react to, and the other has twice that, that means they see more on screen per moment to react to, this goes in tandem with audio aswell. This is fighting Games 101, the entire fighting game community would disagree with you 100000000%. Plus monitors play a super insane role. 60hz and 240hz reaction times are inherent noticeable. Human reaction time is 13 frames too, on average, so 30fps players have their reaction time cut in half. Again this is fighting game and gaming basics 101

The person with 120 fps would see all those frames and would see more inbetween frames if the games animations are not capped. This happens I’m mk11, sf5 and smash ultimate, aswell as halo. The person at 60fps would see them aswell but less of them due to less in between frames. In between frames are usually blurry to make things look even smoother. This can be seen on tvs with high refresh rates while watching TV shows that are older. They look VERY SMOOTH but they are in fact blurring frames together to make up for the frames lost. Halo Infinite does not seem to be frame capped so these blurs will occur less and less, meaning the 120fps player will see frame 2 as a totally different frame than the 60fps player. This is what causes desyncs frequently and suddenly. You are behind a wall due to the frame Rate you are running at and they do not see you behind a wall yet due to 1 them having more frames to work with, this helps reaction more than anything. And 2 the servers packet loss will create unequal client side visuals. One player is throwing a nade client side, while the server never spawned the nade to happen. The servers are 100% to blame for issues, but monitors and power of pc does help the player perform better by increasing their reaction time capabilities. They won’t inherently GAIN better reaction times. It just gives them tools and access to easier reaction time windows. This. Is. Fighting. Games. 1.0.1

take it from someone who plays at close to 200 fps, it wont make you a better player

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It’s 100% the servers I’ve experienced a lot of issues while playing and I’ve experienced some warping issues as well where I’ll run to a doorway and then I’ll get pulled backwards about 15 ft away from the doorway I was just in


Go for a screen that can do 4k/120fps. I have a series x and while 120fps in performance is nice for online/multiplayer, if i had to choose between 4k @ 60 or 1440p at 120fps I’d probably choose the 4k with lower frame rate, the game just looks so beautiful in 4k hdr, and 120fps deff does not have any wow factor to it. for me its just like, “ohh, its smoother” lol 120 vs 60 is major marketing hype. If you were playing at 30 then you’d be amazed with the increase but from 60-120 the difference is less significant.

thats called rubberbanding

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Okay cool but my point still stands I’m getting warped backwards people know what I meant

Have you ever played this game at 60fps or lower so you can compare if there has or hasn’t been any improvement to playing on 200fps?

Halo Infinite multiplayer doesn’t support 4K 120fps. I don’t think I’m even getting 60fps at the moment…more likely 50fps or lower, but there’s no way for me to get an accurate measure on this tbf.

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bro i dont even get 60 fps consistent

On series x you can get either 120hz refresh rate at 1440p (‘performance’ video setting in halo infinite menu) or 4k with VRR (‘quality’ in settings) and it wont really dip below 60hz. For campaign I play in quality mode because it’s beautiful and multiplayer I play in performance just because its a little smoother. That being said tho, The frame rate difference between 60 and 120 is not nearly as significant as you’d think, but the diffrence between 1440p and 4k hdr deff is. Either way, if you can, get a screen that gives you the choice between both because the series x can do both (maybe not at the same time, but It can do both).