Getting sick of these PC players at 140 fps and or servers

So I just got done playing an oddball game in rank. But just to the sure fact where it feels like they kill me in three shots before I can even get my four shot off it’s starting to get ridiculous. I don’t know if it’s the FPS or just a crappy servers or just because I’m on an Xbox One x. I go 20 and 30. 501 shots hit. I fired 869. For a total damage of 8439. Accuracy of 51. 70%. I know I’m aiming for the head because I’m not a terrible player I’m Onyx 1633. But it feels like it’s getting a lot worse. My shots just not registering even though it’s making the hit marker and I’m having a constantly fire but they can one shot me when I’m running away in the back it don’t do it for me. I don’t think I even killed anybody around corners ever. But I know I sure as hell been killed around corners alot. It’s getting more and more noticeable. Im playing on 25 MS. I’m even running around seeing patches of the map like not rendered in.


I don’t know if it’s the servers getting worse, other players having an fps advantage or playing on Xbox One X…but the desync in the game has been getting progressively worse over the last 3-4 days. Dying from being shot around corners, one hit melee from the front or my shots not registering at all are just a few symptoms…but I don’t know what is causing it.


Definitely the servers dude.
Am on PC myself but I get tons of ghost hits and failed melee strikes way too often.

I can smack someone in the back and they won’t even break shields.
This is especially prominent in BTB.


Yeah I feel that that everybody’s having a problem but I feel like I’m having more of a problem then if I was on PC. Like you know what I mean like maybe I just got the s.($ end of the stick.


I’ve had where I’m running straight at a player ready to beat them down and then they ninja me somehow from the front


Someone on another post said this and I agree.

“PC players have been playing against other PC players for years. Each having a different set up. Each running games on different setting. Each having different FPS. Yet nobody would blame higher FPS for a loss becuase the effects are negligible.”

It’s most likely the servers that are the issue.



For whatever reason whenever crossplay is involved the latency and desync is far worse. Kinda annoying and the main reason I hate crossplay in any game. Fact is I could do way better if half my hits counted and dont get shot through walls, why I’ll always be against crossplay.


Not only is this statement entirely accurate, but it’s also impossible to discern what framerate another player is playing at without actually asking them.

The game tells you what console other players are using, but certainly not your framerate.

@A_Lethal_Legacy You’re latching onto a nearly unprovable assumption with the whole “FPS” quarrel, it’s better to just accept the reality some random player will have a better setup and to do your best than to assume you were beaten every time because of this unverifiable assumption.

FPS can be a determining factor (LinusTechTips showed this to be entirely plausible) but it really depends on the skill of player to utilize which really means that skill is the factor at play. Personally I hit Diamond in Overwatch with a 60hz monitor (though input lag was reduced with a higher unseen FPS). I barely hit Masters when I overclocked my monitor to 97hz, and didn’t see any improvement at all when I picked up a 144hz monitor, even though the games felt way more responsive.


Until there’s a way to play in a segregated fashion (which I guess could be done in Custom Games if you wanted to test it) this very bold stance is built on a currently (potentially) unprovable assumption.


Man I’m on PC with my RTX 3090 pushing around 160-170 FPS and I have the same experience as you. It’s the servers and hit registration as well as inconsistent aim assist all coming together to just give a weird experience that just feels off.


Well iv had games that wasn’t crossplay and then made crossplay and that’s when issues start to occur.

Have nothing against any platform unless they’re cheating or expoilting advantages etc. But that doesnt take away that crossplay imo has a huge factor on latency/servers. Having 28ping should not result in people not taking damage, and when checking someone I’m having issues with it’s always on a different platform.

My experience, may not be true but it’s far to common for me to think otherwise and I’m happy to stay versing my platform only

Higher fps didn’t make me play better. I played on 60 and then on 120.

I saw no difference in terms of playbility


While minimal there is a noticeable difference between 60 and 120 fps in FPS games, you can find side-by-side comparisons that compare smoothness and proves that the higher fps monitors will display much quicker than the lower fps monitors (e.g. someone peeking or coming around a corner).


Were they custom games? Because right now there’s no way to ensure console segregation in matchmaking, only input choice.

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No I mean actual different games that wasnt crossplay but the devs added it in at a later date.

You can also check the platform by viewing their profile so you can check who exactly is PC or console

I switched from an X box1 to a series X and it was night and day in terms of my performance. So might be the console is too slow.

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I’m currently playing on an Xbox One X and 1080p monitor so get 50-60fps at best. All my research suggests that playing at 120fps means that in game it will play smoother and you will see other players faster than what you did at lower fps…and by that you can also deduce that questionable deaths such as things like being shot around corners or one hit melee from the front should also be less frequent. I’ve also read comments from many players stating that playing on 120fps is like playing a different game once they transitioned…basically removing all the handicaps that they had when playing at 120fps.

I’ve decided to treat myself to an Xbox Series X and will be buying a 1440p monitor so I can play at 120fps. I’m a half decent player already so I’m hopeful that this will help improve my gameplay even if just marginally.


I upgraded from a Xbox one to a Series S. For the first week I was getting an extra 5 kills on average a game. Now it’s back to normal.

I’m guessing I was just trying harder :slight_smile:

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Did you find the number of “questionnable” deaths decreased or does the game still play like crap?

I stopped playing when the campaign came out (everybody was playing that so I gave my eyes a rest). I haven’t touched the Xbox since apart from two games Sunday night.

However - I didn’t really have many issues when the game first released played great… Sunday night one game was good the other was poor. Although I did manage to Perfect a commando…. The guy was standing still!!!