Getting Req. energy quickly

Start off by getting all of the AI kills that you’re able to get right away, and capture the first base. Should be a level 3. Maybe level 4 by that time. Could req a ghost or a weapon at this point. Try to get a quick kill from either going from behind, or from a slight distance. More spartan kills you get. The faster you’ll level up

Thx for the info

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No -Yoink- sherlock.

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No need to be rude.

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> No need to be rude.

Agreed, nothing wrong with the provision of information for less experienced players, even if it appears basic to an “onyx”. The response is a form of trolling, unfortunate, and a lost opportunity to provide some positive feedback or more information on req level tips and show some leadership for your supposed level of experience.
For my part, using a level 3 random weapon/vehicle card as soon as possible often gets a higher level req that allows me to accelerate the req levels more so. Sometimes it just gives a standard item, but it can really give a power item quickly.