Getting previous Halo Reach data onto MCC

Hey, i just bought MCC for xbox one X. Ive always been a fan of Halo but never had the games myself. I had Halo Reach on xbox 360. Before i bought MCC i looked it up to see if my data from Reach would get transferred onto MCC and it said it would. However upon opening it all up, it seems that none of the previous data has transferred. I am a newbie when it comes to this so can someone direct or explain to me how to get my previous data (or at least my rank, character and all the armour i have unlocked and bought) back in the MCC

Edit: It says above my rank is as a recruit (which im guessing is an accumulation across all the Halo games in the MCC.

I’m not sure where you got that information from because data from the Xbox 360 version of Reach, like with all other legacy Halo titles, does not transfer to the MCC version.
In regards to progression and stats they are two entirely different games so whatever you unlock will only be available to you on the version you unlocked it on.

The only exception to this is custom maps and gametypes that you had in your legacy Reach fileshare back in August - these would have been copied over to the MCC version by 343.

As above OP, nothing from your profile on the Xbox 360 transfers over to MCC. This was announced a few times before the game finally launched.