Getting Plasma Pistol Master

becoming one with the grunt

I’ve been trying to get the Plasma Pistol Master commendation. I know this sounds kind of insane, but so far, it has been proven to be both the most frustrating and one of the most enjoyable experiences so far. I have to recommend that other players try this. I will give some advice that I had to found out the hard way, although I encourage people to give advice in the comments. As of now, I have only gotten to be as expert with the Plasma Pistol (2/100).

The Guide


Enemies have guns which are more lethal than a plasma pistol. At most I have gotten three or four kills a match with this gun. Getting this commendation will take a lot of time. I would recommend you take a break once in a while, play flood or watch an episode of your favorite show. Everyone has limits to their patients, and even Ghandi would lose patience if he attempted to get from Novice to Master in one session.


If you do not, you will not be patient, and this will be a very, very long experience.


Personally, I would stick to Regicide like a Plasma Grenade. Slayer (not big team) would be a second. King of the Hill would be third third. I tried King of the Hill once. Despite facing a clan and having horrible teammates, I managed to get second on my team and get one Plasma Pistol kill, although I am, at the very least, an above average player. One benefit of King of the Hill is that you are facing an enemy with teammates. Having teammates can be good. The biggest benefit is that enemies that are controlling the hill have no armor abilities, keep in mind that this, typically, is not a big benefit though, despite being the biggest one in the King of the Hill type. Unlike Regicide, your performance can weigh down your team’s performance. No one likes losing, and losing because some guy refuses to play to win, but to work on getting maybe one or two kills with a plasma pistol is simply aggravating. In order to win, you have to control the hill, so simply having this benefit in effect is undesirable to the team. The other reason why this benefit is not as beneficial as it would seem is because the enemy, if decent, will be in a group inside the area, possibly with a person hunting people outside of the hills perimeter. Running into the enemy with a plasma pistol is suicidal enough, but when two to four enemies are specifically targeting you, survival becomes a guaranteed impossibility.

Regicide has the benefit of having many enemies targeting the king. You can survive a little longer, steal a few kills. Unfortunately, your K/D will suffer (which is to be expected using Plasma Pistols), and you probably won’t win any matches. Once you become King, it is near impossible to keep it.


Shoot rapidly. Charged shots do not kill easily, and by the time your pistol cools down you will usually die or the enemy will flee/recharge shields. If you are accurate, a little over a clip can take a down an enemy with less than 100% shields, if you let your gun cool a little mid combat, you can take down a fully shielded opponent, though it is still pretty difficult.


Use the Resupply Tactical Package and Explosives. The explosives increases the blast radius and decreases the damage dealt by the grenades. This will be excellent at weakening shields, then finish them off. I do not stray from this class, though you may if you find a build that you can rack up plasma kills faster in.

  1. MELEE

If you manage to pull of a melee, killing them can be easy. Try not to get hit also.


This is why I don’t do team games when going for this commendation. I dislike taking kills from teammates constantly, on regicide, you are free to ‘steal’ kills and laugh while doing so. If an enemy is in combat, then take him out.


This is not an easy weapon to use, but once you get used to it, it becomes more natural. Once I had expert in the commendation, I could be king for a bit and would occasionally get third in the lobby in a good game (with melees, grenades, and assassinations also). Keep in mind, I am a decent player, and your skill may be different from mine. The point is, you will improve if you do not quit.


This should be obvious, but the ideal is mid to close range, but having space to move. This is why I love the jetpack.


Get in there and take the demons out!

Is it really that hard to use? I remember it being quite good in Halo Reach, albeit very unused.

It is hard enough to use that people were posting forums/the internet about how they were surprised to get a kill, and my friend, who would go around with a plasma pistol in Reach (he is better than me) will only use this weapon for taking down vehicles.

Goodbye K/D :’|

I just got 12 plasma pistol kills in a regicide match, the goal is to not be king.

the easiest loadout i have found (and why) is:

Primary: Storm Rifle (takes out shields fastest)

Secondary: plasma pistol ( duh! )

Grenade: (your preference)

Armor Ability: i use hologram because i like it, but use whatever you’re best with

Tactical package: i use shielding to be able to run away and recover faster so my K/D ratio doesn’t suffer too much

Support Upgrade: Ammo (important because both weapons run out of ammo very quickly, but with ammo, the battery goes from 100% to 150% on both guns) if you use up more than that, i salute you for staying alive so long… or you’re just wasting ammo)

Tips: Sprint into combat and jump all over the place (make yourself VERY hard to hit), while at the same time gunning down the enemy’s shields with your Storm Rifle (i always try to get just a few more plasma shots into them BUT NOT TOO MUCH; only like 2-4. The reason is because their shields may be gone, but they will still hold strong against another 7 plasma pistol shots). Take out your plasma pistol, shoot in bursts, if you go too fast all at once your gun will overheat, and the enemy will take advantage of you or have time to run away.

Be sure to pick a good map with lots of cover; Solace for instance (i got my 12 PP kill match on Solace)
I just reached proficient [3/7] and i’m currently 1/50, wish me luck!

I just reached Expert tonight. Despite the fact that my K/D went from 1.9 to 1.5 ever since I attempted this, I’m having a lot of fun getting Plasma Pistol kills.

The setup I normally run with is:

Primary: Anything since I don’t use it.

Secondary: The Orbital Fck Sit Up Cannon (Plasma Pistol)

Grenade: Plasma (I’m about to master this :3)

Armor Ability: I switch from Hologram and Regen Field depending on my mood.

Tactical Package: Mobility (I like to get into the action as quick as possible)

Support: Ammo

I’ve actually managed to get a few double kills with the plasma pistol, as in both players died from the Green Water Gun. 030

Also, the reason I don’t use my primary in conjunction with this challenge is because I’m an arrogant -Yoink- that wants to see myself humiliate people in such a heart-breaking way in the form of killing them with nothing but a plasma pistol and having my tool of destruction end up with said dart shooter. xD

I thought about getting this the week after Halo 4 came out. However, I still want to keep having fun.

I’m thinking about just playing normally in Infinity Slayer. When Damage Boost pop up in the POD, die, select Plasma Pistol Loadout, then work on the Commendation.

> I thought about getting this the week after Halo 4 came out. However, I still want to keep having fun.
> I’m thinking about just playing normally in Infinity Slayer. When Damage Boost pop up in the POD, die, select Plasma Pistol Loadout, then work on the Commendation.

Getting these kills IS fun, though xD

And, as my arrogance gets the best of me, the way you want to get this accomplished is quite cheap, to say the least. =\

Good guide. This takes skill to do. Might try getting some kills with it now. :8D

…what do you get for this?

I didnt even realize there was a commendation for this until earlier today. Thanks for the guide as discovering the commendation put it on my “to do” list.

> …what do you get for this?

The satisfaction of knowing that you mastered the most skillful, barebones weapon in the game. :3

Great post OP. I’ll remeber this for when my time has come. :slight_smile:

> …what do you get for this?

its one of the commendations that you have to master to get (what i think) a sick armor but you have to max every commendation for every gun so its ganna be a long way so far sniper rifle complete

God’s speed whoever is going after it. D:

Whats the total amount of kills you need? 5 for 1st rant, 100 for expert, how many for distinguished and master?

The only reason to get it is for the Covenant Loadout Mastery which unlocks Recon SURG armor, that’s why i’m doing it though. I’m honestly bummed that they couldn’t do new helmets, they just made different paint jobs for them :confused:

Yea I don’t see me getting this done.

I’m doing the plasma pistol comentarios also and regicide has Belén the easyest way to get it atmósfera Im on plasma pistol expert

Good tips, though this is still going to be a hell of a grind… Wish Spartan Ops kills counted.