Getting out of Antifreeze... again

Well when they updated the big team maps i was pleased to see that they fixed key areas that players would routinely use to get out of the map. This was most apparent in Antifreeze where players could get on top and completely outside the map boundaries so easily it was mind-blowing that this wasn’t caught before they released it to matchmaking. With that said they went back to fix this issue and you can no longer do this, but now there is a new opening for players to get out of the map which is even worse then before!! Im sure you’ve seen it, but here it is. It allows blue team to get outside around red base, but not the other way around. common 343! maybe they deleted the invisible barriers that were present there before to fill the budget to fix the map on the other side, but common, tell me that those rocks art asking to be claimed on. This is an outrage! especially for games like capture the flag where someone form blue can jump right on the red flag or strongholds where someone can camp mid its insane. please fix this 343

I quite enjoy antifreeze, though if it just isn’t possible to contain all the exports, just remove it from matching. community big team is coming if I’m not mistaking with avalanche at least being in it after being showcased in grifball.