Getting online

Anyone else having problems?

Someone else was having problems before. What kind of problems are you experiencing?

Xbox said that it may be back in about 15 mins from now. It crashed at 7:51 CST US.

XBL was derping out for a bit.

Same here I kicked off twice already and I had to sign back in and just now my friend I am playing with got signed off as well so this is becoming a problem right now. Any idea what is going on with XBL?
Some issues with XBL, should be resolved soon

Same, reset my network settings and everything was aokay.

I have Windows 8 but I don’t think that’s the problem if people don’t have those issues there. I hope this is resolved soon.

As stckrboy noted, Xbox LIVE is currently experiencing issues. You can check its status on

Service Status

I was scary xD i was ready to buy a new router.