So i have been playing halo for awhile now and i want to start putting my skills to the test. I want to start getting noticed… Joining MLG squads and making montages… Is there any advice you guys can give me to help me get noticed?

How do you get noticed now a days? I have been playing from the start and I have been wanting to put my skills to the test but I don’t know how to get noticed and recruited for mlg and all stuff… Can someone help me or give me some advice?

Getting noticed between thousands of players is hard, however I think the best way to do this is to get noticed in a clan that is well known in the MLG community, you can achieve this by joining The Dropshock Brigade, check our requirements HERE I hope you join! We were made to stand out not fit in.

I noticed you…

lol i wasn’t talking about that

Play against good players and if they think your good you might get lucky. Be respectful to everyone you play, believe it or not some random person could just be a well known and respected player amongst mlg players. Also if you dont manage to pull your kd up from 1.29 you will be frowned upon by better players.

Play good!
Play nice!
Play to win! nicely :slight_smile: