Getting No CSR against Unranked players

Title is the point:

Won against a team with 2 unranked players who have not finished their placement matches and a Diamond 4 and 5 and I’m a Diamond 6 and I got no CSR from it and this happens constantly, If any Dev sees this may you please consider using previous arena rankings as a standpoint for how much CSR the algorithm gives?

-Also I am curious if any1 else has had this problem as well if you have please like a comment below to keep this discussion relevant

Are you playing with someone of a lower/higher skill level? For example I like to queue with my friend in swat who is platinum 2 whereas I am diamond 3. We don’t gain much CSR per win but lose a significant amount per loss. As of this season I believe 343 implemented a system where players with a significant rank gap between them gain less CSR to stop boosting accounts. However, if you’re playing on your own this shouldn’t happen. Are you getting low KDs in any of your games? I’m not trying to be mean but KD can effect your CSR.
After re-Reading your post you mentioned that your Diamond 6. I was in a similar position last season when I got onyx in swat. Basically what the game does now is it dosen’t indicate whereabouts you are into diamond 6, because it’s the last rank before onyx. Unlike the other fixed ranks, onyx is unique because it it’s the top 2000 per region (I believe) so if you win enough games in diamond 6 (ideally consecutively) you will eventually get out of diamond 6 and get straight to onyx. You are going up, even if there is no visible CSR progress. Good luck with your ranked games :slight_smile:

Likely because you played as expected. I wouldn’t rely on the highest rank achieved when you look at someone’s profile because the diamond 5 player (currently a plat 3) is actually more of a low diamond player if you look through his past season rankings and the highest rank can go back four years so it may not be accurate anymore.

No I play mostly solo and when I do play with people they are usually onyx players

I’m talking about when I’m playing with people who are still in placement matches and even when they blow out their peers in terms of kills I get no CSR when I win the match

Feel free to review zaedynfel’s various matchmaking feedback threads in order to gain a better grasp on the matchmaking system.