Getting my friend to like halo (and its music)

So my friends and I were listening to some instrumental music, and halo came on. Naturally, I loved it. My friends said it was “ok” but that they’d like to hear how it is in game. And neither of them really like halo (or have really played it in the first place). So they come over a lot, and I was wondering what specific moments from ANY halo game you all would suggest to show/play with them. Preferably something ridiculously epic, combined with an amazing halo track playing in the background. There are tons of these though, and sadly we can’t play every single games campaign all the way through. So what do you all suggest we should play? I don’t care too much about spoiler missions so that’s ok to include. Suggestions?

I recommend playing the Silent Cartographer in Halo CE. After you activate the cartographer underground you have to battle several waves of Covenant as you make your way to the surface, and the song “Rock Anthem for Saving the World” plays while you’re doing it.

The Arbiter Level of Halo 2 is among one of my favorites - one you get in the Banshee, Incubus’s 1st Movement of the Odyssey starts to play. Favorite some from that Halo 2 soundtrack by far :slight_smile:

I’d recommend the Halo 2 Anniversary soundtrack. It’s different from CE or 3’s soundtrack but it still sounds like something from the original trilogy.

The final mission’s warthog run in Halo 3. The final mission of Halo 4, where you have to fly the ship through obstacles. Driving the scorpion over the bridge in Halo 2, and many others haha. Those are the few that come to mind, sorry I couldn’t remember the mission names for the life of me.