Getting kills I shouldn't have gotten or don't deserve

Getting killed in ways you shouldn’t have is frustrating. But it is nothing compared to the utter magic-ruining disappointment of getting kills that I can clearly see I shouldn’t have gotten. It makes playing the game feel pointless. It honestly makes me question why I even play the game at all, and I don’t need existential dread from Halo.

In this game, constantly, I earn kills that I know I shouldn’t have gotten, and it’s so disheartening. There’s no life to the game when the game does it all for me. The game aims the gun for you. The game lands hits for you even when you miss. The grenades bounce towards enemies so easily I don’t have to aim when I throw them. The game gives me infinite supplies of more grenades so I never run out. The game has no useful radar so I can just walk up and hit people in the back. The game lets me kill people even though I’m already dead (and yes I have done that multiple times, clearly watching it happen). The game lets you kill people through walls. And to top it all off, the game prevents damage to my allies so even if I mess up and throw my grenades directly at a friendly, they’re perfectly fine; in fact, the game encourages me to do that. These qualities also mean that when I do play well or do something impressive, it usually doesn’t matter. No penalties for messing up, no rewards for doing well. That leaves me with a game that is frankly, just boring.

Just to be clear, I am NOT saying I am ‘oh so amazing at this game, it’s too easy.’ I’m an average player, I’d say. But when I do cool things in the game while doing nothing actually impressive in real life, or when I do something actually impressive in real life and it’s ultimately meaningless in the game, it really destroys the zest for playing.


I’ll be honest I have no idea what you’re talking about. This just sounds like proper team work to me.

The game also doesn’t aim for you, throw grenades for you and defiantly doesn’t land hits for you when you miss.


This doesn’t really happen.
Even with the aim assist, I miss a lot, especially when I need to not miss.

This happens somewhat often.
I’ll be shooting at an enemy, and they run behind something, but I still get them.
It happens to me even more frequently though.

This happens I think when their team hits them with grenades.
Also, it’s annoying that anything I do right before dying gets nullified.

Well I’m not saying the game always aims your gun for you perfectly or the game always makes you land shots you should’ve missed. I’m saying it does those things, not that it happens every time. But it happens frequently enough that it makes me feel like my kills aren’t valid because I myself didn’t actually succeed, the game did it for me.

For the latter thing, no I’ve watched it happen multiple times where there was no one else around, and it clearly gave me the melee kill. Friendly fire’s off so it can’t be their own team, and there’s no allies around so it can’t be my team, plus the game’s awarding the kill to me. They just punch me first (as I went to punch them, but too late), they walk away and a second later they randomly die and I get a melee kill.


Sounds like big bad Internet problems. I have a similar experience all to often, both with kills and getting killed. Melee one shots, BR dropping in one blast, hit detection that some days decides to show up and other days calls in sick, and I think grenade behavior is literally decided by a slot machine. I think most players are seeing battles unfold differently depending on what side of the screen they are staring at.

I think I know what you mean, but it doesn’t happen as often for me.

That’s true, and I’ve seen things like that happen I think.
Still, even if friendly fire is off, I think collision might still affect teammates.
With a grenade’s impact, it might just count the same as falling or being hit with an empty vehicle.

Psst… hey… turn your aimbot off maybe?

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The only point I agree is that sometimes I got killed even if I’m behind a wall or I got a kill in the same way that happen sometimes when I’m in an combat and without shield you run to take cover but the last shot registered the hit even if you barely take the cover, its kinda annoying

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Come to PC with MnK.

You have to earn everything.

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Play ranked at a higher level I guess?

I missed shots before and it connected. It definitely does do it for you

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Mnk is wack. Your movement is gone. You rely solely on aim

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I have these same issues. Other games are fine. The game actually runs well for me and it’s becoming more clear that these are features in the game and not bad internet

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What do you mean?

I thought People complained that we can change direction too quickly?

Also don’t see the problem with accuracy/aim being the deciding factor. You still have to earn your kills more :slight_smile:

First of all. Controller has aim assist.

I play with the controller on PC and the aim assist is the strongest it’s ever been. So when it comes to the aim, the best players never miss. Ever since Halo 5 with it’s strong aim assist as well, its always been about trapping spawns and map movement . Aim was an extra.

On mouse and keyboard naturally you are going to put a lot of effort into aiming because your moving your whole hand instead of thumb. Now pair that with limited diagnoal movement on the keyboard. Your movement will never be the same as a controllers. On top of that many people trained with the controller their whole lives throughout all the halos so the movement they have is baked in. Trust me. Aim is secondary in this game. PC players should have their own space to play in because they are different competitively

When reading this I had a little flashback of yesterday playing Tactical Slayer comparing it with the previous week of playing Ranked.

Whenever I play Ranked, I always feel like I’m absolutely on point with my aim on their heads with the BR, yet it doesn’t headshot-kill them, it just misses. Taking down shields always works but landing that final headshot somehow doesn’t. I compared it numerous times in theater with the clip and there’s really nothing I can see that I should do differently.

Yesterday I was dropped into a Tactical Slayer match with 100ms latency and one kill was mind-blowing to me. My aim was not perfectly on the head, it was a bit further up-left so just the very edge pixel of the reticle matched with the head, and I got a headshot kill for it.

Makes me question how much bullet-magnetism or hitboxes change depending on the latency…

EDIT: Obviously not every single bullet is a hit for me, just mentioning examples where I died and left the enemy no-shield in return.

Ahh so it’s just the diagonal thing that gives controllers better movement? That doesn’t seem like a massive improvement, especially when MnK can change direction quicker and look around quicker.

I’m not sure that translates into MnK being whack and our movement being ‘gone’, though does it? How does that mean we rely solely on aim? I don’t understand how you’re reaching that conclusion.

The movement is slightly different for each but I would each has their advantage in that regard.

Aim assist is different issue altogether of course but we’re discussing movement here. In theory if they could balance the accuracy, you’re saying moving at different diagonals is better than being able to look around quicker and change direction faster?

I stand by my point that if the OP wants to earn their kills, then they should try MnK, as you have to earn your kills more. Not sure how this little sub-discussion relates to that.

I can see it in their gameplay. They struggle to keep up. It doesn’t matter how fast they spin or change direction. the diagonal is a huge factor.

My point is it’s pointless to play on Mnk even for the precived notion that it would be hard because you wouldn’t be proving anything to controller players. Controller will always be on top

The only time aim will matter is when PC is fighting against PC. You need to be able to click ranked and then click your input and then play.

There are plenty of drawbacks to playing on m&k currently but I really don’t see any part of the issue being related to diagonal movement. I do occasionally play both for Halo so I don’t feel like I’m just guessing here.

When it comes to high level play your simply not following a controller player the same as you would if you had fought with a controller. You may land every shot. You may even out position him. But when it comes to the “dance”, you’re not matching a controller