Getting kicked to host migration screen every game

Ever since, I think it was when Halo 3 launched, I enter a host migration screen about 5 minutes into every single matchmaking game. Two things happen from this: either I am kicked from the game and put into a loading screen where I have to wait for the game to finish until I can do anything, or I am put back in the game. I’ve put in a ticket with 343 and they told me to enable IPv6, update drivers, reinstall, allow ports through firewall, that sort of thing. I’ve done all of that, but nothing has worked and I haven’t gotten another response in months. I have no idea how to fix this issue. Searching for this issue, I’ve found maybe one or two people with the same thing, but no solution. Any help would be appreciated that will lead me in the right direction!

Hey Skyrim! It’s my goal to help you get back into the battlefield without having to deal with these frustrating issues. To be completely transparent, it may take us some back and forth as I gather some more information and have you try some troubleshooting out. I want to let you know that I fully acknowledge and appreciate the time you’ve put already into trying to resolve this on your own. We may have to revisit some of those steps together for troubleshooting purposes, so if that is the case, all I can ask is that even if you’ve already done a particular step in the past that we still try it again together. I feel confident we can get to the bottom of this once and for all!

For starts, which device are you playing The MCC on? (PC / Xbox)

If PC, please specify if through the Microsoft Store or through Steam?
If Xbox, please specify which Xbox Console Version (Xbox One / Xbox One S / Xbox One X / Xbox Series S/X … etc)