Getting kicked out of games. (not booted)

This is my second game I have been kicked out of, first one I thought they host booting me… then I get kicked out of a game again after that. Says they all quit, and has nothing to do with my internet. Also is it me or the population droped like hell? Is it what I am going through?

Pretty sure that particular problem IS your internet. had that issue until a few days ago. If you use wireless. try moving it closer. Thats what stopped it for me.

this problem is normally caused by either 2 problems

  1. your internet connection.
  2. your connection to the host.

if your using wireless you could have a drop in connection which would cause you to lose connection to the host, its not enough to lose connection to Xbox Live but you will loose connection to the host.

try moving you xbox closer to the wifi point or use a cable connection.

other alternatives to try is that if there is a number of wireless access points broadcasting in ur area this could cause interference to your connection if you know how to access your router settings change the Wireless channel to another channel normally on a lot of routers its set to 7 by default meaning alot of routers will run on the same channel so changing it will give a better connection and less interference

you could also go to a cable connection if your not on one already

It was happening to me and a friend today. I am on a wired connection and I don’t see how it could ever be my internet. I pay for a very good internet and my friend has a different ISP (happened to him aswell)…also using direct connection. NY area. First time this has ever happened.

I’ll check again later today.

No matter what it is, it’s likely something you can’t do anything about. It’s definately the result of the host losing its connection to you, which means there’s a problem in the internet somewhere on the line from you to him. Doesn’t specifically have to be the internet in your house.

I am having the same issue

Was your issue ever resolved?

So is there seriously no one from 343 that will respond to this?

Necro-triple post -__-’

It’s the connection buddy.