Getting horrible lag only on Halo 3.

Tried to play Halo 3 last night and this morning but have been getting terrible lag. I’m able to sign into Xbox LIVE fine, can join parties fine, NAT is open, and I can find games fine; but as soon as the game starts I’m green bar for the first 10 seconds and then drop to red bar for the rest of the game. The weird thing is that I can play other games just fine with no lag at all (Cod Ghosts and Halo Reach) but on Halo 3 I go red almost every game. I’ve restarted my router, troubleshooted with Verizon and Xbox and nothing has worked. Does this have to do with the server maintance? If anyone has any tips on how I might get this to work that’d be awesome. Thanks!

Lower population than 4 or Reach. I almost always lag in 3. Not the servers as far as I know.

EDIT: J/K. Just saw the post about the maintenance.

That said, I always lag in it though.

Ever since 343i took over the Halo 3 servers and responsibility for running them, I have never been able to play a game online in H3 without an excessive amount of lag. My internet is about 10 mbps so I do experience occasional lag with a bad host on other multiplayer games, but Halo 3 is just a disgrace. Couldn’t tell you exactly what makes it so laggy other than few servers and/or priority.

Low population , old servers, cheaters/network manipulators and the fact that this game isn’t being monitored any more all contribute towards the lag. I’m afraid this is what Halo 3 will be like from now on until the Xbox Live service on the 360 ceases.