Getting harder to defend Halo Infinite and 343

I love this game but I am SICK of making excuses and defending 343s lack of content

All of my friends are tapering off of the game and there’s me: pathetically saying “there’s gonna be more content in two months!” and “theres a new event coming out” and the event sucks. Defending THEIR mistakes. NO MORE.

STOP making us look bad because YOU are dropping the ball, 343

Don’t you have millions in backing by one of the most powerful corporations on earth? Why in god’s name is this game so barren?


Yeah, me and friends already moved back to MCC. Not going to stick around if there is something better out there.


$500 Million in development.
I’d estimate at least $20 million in shop sales since release.

I have lost all hope for this game, it will be in 2042’s condition within a month.


There’s people that defend this game still?


$500 Million in development.

While I DO agree with your sentiment; that 500 Mil number is FABRICATED. Never was it confirmed that this budget estimate is accurate. Don’t take RUMORS as true- Step up your thinking game, man


How many games do you know release their development budget?


The point he’s making is that while that figure might be all over the internet, which I don’t doubt; it is not a verified fact. Unless you have access to the financial records from Halo Infinite’s development, you simply aren’t able to say with 100% certainty what the budget was. The best we can do is make educated guesses but again that does not make them facts.


But yeah I agree that despite the game having a massive budget (the actual figure doesn’t really matter as we can say with almost complete certainty that it was a large budget), the results have consistently fallen short of expectations. I can’t defend this indefinitely.


Don’t you think Microsoft is a huge part of the problem that I have to ask.

Is 343 even actually a developer or is it just a mix our outsourced work, and Microsoft just has a couple of goons over seeing things that don’t have a damn clue on WTH they are doing?


Perhaps its time to stop defending infinite?

Seriously, if it makes you feel pathetic trying to defend it, maybe its time to stop doing so. You don’t have to defend the game, its not their fault you look bad trying to defend the game, defending it is purely your own choice.

Halo Infinite has some fun, but its a bad game. Its as simple as that.

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Don’t you think Microsoft is a huge part of the problem that I have to ask.

I do.

Bungie had a fire under their derrieres

If you watched the Halo 1-3 developers commentary, we learn Bungie was fighting tight deadline and always running the risk of their studio going under.

Microsoft turned Halo into a bigger franchise and gave 343 a huge budget.

343 develops very loosely and lazily; Bungie developed with real constraints.

I argue that restraints breed creativity and 343 has no constraint


Since you’ve apparently done more research than the entire internet.

Unlike YOU, I value empirical and objective DATA. You just believe what the herd (“entire internet”) says because its POPULAR. You defer to popular opinion instead of reality.

I do not know what the budget is because that is private information THE PUBLIC (ie. YOU and ME) does not have access to.


Look man either way, this games development is hardly worth the bargain bin. Idc how many millions it cost. I uninstalled a couple of weeks ago and i check forums from time to time to see if anything has changed and it hasnt. 343 is still shady and the game is still empty. So yea… dollar general BOGO value right now.

They don’t care for you one bit. Why should you feel obliged to defend them?


Easy fix - don’t defend the game.

It isn’t your job to defend the game. It’s 343’s job to make it better.


Bro I accidently played 7 hours of Elden ring… I honestly don’t think I progressed at all, but I was having so much fun I didn’t even notice.

Wish Halo Infinite was like this


Well we know the cost of halo 5 so I doubt they would give more money to halo 5 sales. Was

Now it is possible that they have budget over 10 years of 500 million.

But even people hated halo 4 and 5 but each one made more money then one before it.

So it won’t be that hard if Microsoft push more money into sadly they got duped.

Halo has solid foundation so the effort to fix it seems easy.

They need to hire more people, if they are struggling this much and getting the community against them best to say we are working on improving the game, we are going to hire qualified developers to help through this rough patch

Most people will understand but radio silence is what’s killing this game, they need to have someone who’s willing to brace the fans and deal with the pitchforks, as soon as they start communicating fans will back off some, they don’t only have to listen but talk as well

We will defend 343 as soon as they do what is necessary to have a finished game .
Halo infinite is just very frustrating to play.

It’s apparently not that hard to get you to defend 343i :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Is it just a reflex? Are you in recovery or something?