Getting hacked in matchmaking

So I am playing Big Team Battle and I am on mic with my friends in a game. I am the only person on our team to spawn, everyone else is stuck on the loadout screen. Two guys on the other team then bring the warthog over and proceed to splatter my entire team.

They repeat this until we quit out.

Basically, my teammates were shown a blue screen and it said they did not spawn.

In the game, they were unable to move and stuck at our base.

Its reminiscent of Halo 2 mods.

Sounds like lag to me. Welcome to host-client gaming…

This is something to do with lag. On either the first or second day of playing, me and my friends entered a Dominion game and it was only me playing. I was walking around the map for a few minutes looking for someone to kill, and then I went to the enemy base and found the whole team standing there, so I blew them up with my Incineration Cannon. I got a Killamjaro. The game went into black screen a few minutes later and everyone started playing again.