Getting dropped into a loosing fight - Warzone.

This is frustrating. Why can’t we connect 343 directly with issues about our account and gaming experience.
I’ve tried contacting Xbox and Xbox support and their best answer is … Put your comments on the forum so 343 can read them… Most likely ignore them and I continue on with my -Yoink- experience.

For the last week every time I go to join a Warzone game, I don’t get to start fresh with a well evenly matched team against another well evenly matched team.

NOPE, I get dropped into the middle of a massive firefight on a team that’s already well on their way to getting their -Yoinks!- handed to them. 2 bases already captured, working on the 3rd and points already more than half way to victory while the team I get added to is missing the majority of players, only has maybe if I’m lucky 100 points and It’s just a painful game of dying. I’m stuck on req 3 or lower, meaning I’m fighting a war against a well stocked and overpowering army of skill and just F**K you firepower. Spawn, boom I’m dead just like that, adding points to another player and adding to their req rewards, hooray. While I’m just cannon fodder.

I’ve tried quitting one of those no win, almost defeated games and tried joining a new fresh game. But I got dropped right back into the same game. I would have quit again but I don’t want to risk these unfair bans that I keep reading about. Because it doesn’t seem like there’s anyway on contacting 343 about these issues.

I’m a bad player, I know that. I suffer from a few things, but I try my best to contribute to the overall team effort. Playing WZFF is fun, but I’m ready to level up with my gaming experience and level. But, these Kobayashi Maru scenarios are just killing any chance of that ever happening.

I just want an equal opportunity to have a fun and fair game. Come on 343, and Xbox and Microsoft. Lets get on board with some customer service and figure this out.
The year is 2017, but here I am stuck in the past on a forum board basically writting you a message in a bottle and hoping that it’ll one day reach you and you’ll message me back.

I doubt it though.

(I hate forums)
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If you don’t like joining losing battles,you can simply leave. A new update was issued out, meaning that you won’t get banned from playing a match if someone else before you quits. Provided they take away req points, but it will ease the pain. This is a work around and doesn’t fix the problem. Maybe one day JIP will get properly sorted.

What is JIP ?

If I’m going to get dropped into an already in play game, and missing the majority of players from my new team. I (we) should also get some form of handicap. I (we) should be able to access the highest available (to me) reqs as the highest req player on the opposing team to maybe give me an opportunity to level out the playing field.

Spawning into a game where the entire opposing team has wasps and phaeton’s with power ups and sniper rifles, just isn’t fun. What’s the point for the other team then ? They may as well just play WZFF if they want to just bulldoze some random targets.

Also, this talk is all great and what not. But it’s pretty bad when you can’t just contact 343 directly to discuss what’s happening.

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> What is JIP ?

Join In Progress.

Thanks, that makes sense.