Getting disconnected from online - Xbox one

For some reason, I keep getting kicked from online games, its always around minutes 10 and 20. Matchmaking (queueing and finding players) is fine but the game it suddenly starts to freeze and I can’t do anything while in reality, the game is still running for the others. What is the reason for this? I have been kicked at least 13 times this week alone and it has become very frustrating to the point I just want to uninstall the game.

I play many online games but I rarely get kicked out as much as in this game. What is the reason for that and how can I solve it?


The life of a halo wars 2 player, the server issues never got addressed. However getting kicked as often as you claim is rare. I experience 3 to 5 a week when I’m playing regularly.

I often see this happening in Terminus Firefight which is frustrating all around (I only got disconnected once myself playing on PC which well, it does happen) since there is pretty much no reason to keep playing when a third or half your defenses just go up in smokes instantly.